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  1. Where do I cast my salami of the year vote?
  2. One sneeze during a handjob from Auad’s friend and it’s bye bye salami.
  3. Can somebody please call or visit the Hiper Market to see if all is ok?
  4. Salami masks! Made from real salami... you put it on, eat it and tell every cunt next to you to fuck themselves.  We’ll be millionaires in no time.

  5. The answer if simple He was replaced by a bigger cuck.
  6. So many unfucked sisters, moms and girlfriends...

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    2. Salsh Borski
    3. Black Frog

      Black Frog


      My Frog soldiers love the new Salami diet. 

    4. Black Frog

      Black Frog

      David Lee Roth Gypsy Curse Photo Proof!:o




  7. Who would have thought that in 2021 Steven Adler would be more respectable and have more integrity than Slash, Axl and Duff put together?
  8. Axl is a fraud, as is Slash and anyone else involved in the sham that is going on these days but none of them are anywhere near as much of a fraud as Mr “Punk” Puff McWoken. He’s about as punk as I am vegetarian. Fuck him, fuck them and fuck him again.
  9. I bet that guy spits in the face of people who don’t want to be cool.
  10. Keep Rocking and cocking my brother. 🤘🎸💃
  11. Oh I can’t compete with auad, I was snared and tied down long ago... I have forgotten the joys of sleeping with different women on a casual basis. Send pity money to 555-SADSALAMI
  12. Maybe his name is Ragnar Hiper and he is the overlord of said store and hotel?
  13. He also never rolled around like a fucking pussy when he was fouled.
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