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  1. In the meanwhile i released a "new" Gnr album for free, fanmade by me and mydog that is. Feel free to leech and check it out it's pretty good even though i say so myself. http://we.tl/t-tmt4GuWp97
  2. Yeah he bought it and showed me he was wearing it , it's for sale here (i'm not getting any money from this) http://www.zazzle.com/z/apy8bic3 The front is hilarious
  3. It's essentionally the best 10 minutes of GnR ever to be captured. My original video had better audio too but this guy ripped it from my youtube and reuploaded it so it got bitraped twice. I know the yt video you mean, there was also a hidden Jap account with the full gig audio only on YT which was also killer, i should have em both somewhere. This gig was also on the list of stuff Robert John filmed and tries to sell for over a decade now. He wanted 100K for the whole lot, so i asked for this song only and he said 1k a minute. So i told him to fuck off and take it to his grave. He also had another Locomotive on his list, one "we" didn't even knew it existed / was played. This was @ 1991.07.09 - Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, USA 2nd night.
  4. Actually the live audience recording from Mountain View 1991 is the most precious thing i own, it's so damn fuckin' great. a few years ago i cutted up Indiana proshot and tried to make a live video for that song, i spend three full days on it and made about 100 cuts desperately trying to make it look synch. Which isn't even possible but still i'm very happy how it turned out. Just noticed someone ripped and uploaded it on his yt page so the original has better quality but if any1 wants to see it here it is.
  5. Well the parody shirt i made is still up for sale, u can buy it here: http://www.zazzle.com/z/apy8bic3
  6. Well it's not created by me but yes i don't like it at all and would qualify it as industrial earcancer and even worse than a turd, unlike you who would even call a recorded axxl fart the next masterpiece!!
  7. Whats even worse is the fact that they havent even put any effort in preserving and or transfering them analog tapes to a digital format. They don't seem to realise analog tapes will degrade over time and once it is gone it will be gone forever. So yeah they should be sued for crime against humanity, but at least i tried to tell them so hopefully they acted upon it but something tells me they havent done shit about it.
  8. Sorry to hear that man, i did ban someone that night though.
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