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  1. Great, can't wait to hear an ode to his dead cat, his twitter account, Beta's patetoe dish, living the hermit live and other brave crap
  2. CLASSIC RECORDINGS!!! I mean Axxl sounds like shit these days so how is one gonna enjoy that without making him sound like Cher which in fact is the same earcancer aswel. Then there's the lyrics, i mean "i'm sorry for you not sorry for me" or any other lovecrap. Where's the songs about drugs, rape, assault, booze and getting fucked up ???
  3. S2E7 http://anchor.fm/thebillbraskyfatcast/episodes/The-Rehash--the-Egg-Cups--the-Vinyl-Truth-e1cphut
  4. HQ SCANS http://we.tl/t-IRiKvWjpCS
  5. Last time i saw Fernando online i banned his fuckin' ass.
  6. Question for Borki: Do You think every president goes through an awkward first few weeks in office when they're not sure when's the right time to ask if aliens are real or not?
  7. This gives a whole new dimension to "Golden Circle" tickets
  8. In the meanwhile i released a "new" Gnr album for free, fanmade by me and mydog that is. Feel free to leech and check it out it's pretty good even though i say so myself. http://we.tl/t-tmt4GuWp97
  9. Yeah he bought it and showed me he was wearing it , it's for sale here (i'm not getting any money from this) http://www.zazzle.com/z/apy8bic3 The front is hilarious
  10. It's essentionally the best 10 minutes of GnR ever to be captured. My original video had better audio too but this guy ripped it from my youtube and reuploaded it so it got bitraped twice. I know the yt video you mean, there was also a hidden Jap account with the full gig audio only on YT which was also killer, i should have em both somewhere. This gig was also on the list of stuff Robert John filmed and tries to sell for over a decade now. He wanted 100K for the whole lot, so i asked for this song only and he said 1k a minute. So i told him to fuck off and take it to his grave. He also had another Locomotive on his list, one "we" didn't even knew it existed / was played. This was @ 1991.07.09 - Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, USA 2nd night.
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