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  1. I know you didn't say it, he did. If you check on Reddit, there are screenshots from TM to a minor, posted by the kid he sent them to.
  2. I'm not a lesbian and i've never asked any kids to join.
  3. No relapse. London's band has a song Relapse which Slash features on.
  4. This one for next month?
  5. I did it a different colour because it's not my post
  6. PART 2 You're all out here and on discords, calling someone a fag, someone an e-girl, but wasn't it you who told me the gayest shit ever? I quote: "With Magisme leaving, I feel like Axl after Izzy left in 91 and now I just don't care- I'll replace him with a Gilby and become a shadow of my former self", jokes or not, I lol'd, "You guys stole mags from me" and you went as far as to wish Deadstar to get 'breast cancer' because Mags committed this horrible sin of joining a server he barely ever posted on. You know, the same Mags who's very first posts on the mentioned server were but favorable towards you? Never once did he speak badly of you, never once badmouthed you. Not once. But no, just the fact he was there was enough for you to go into a complete meltdown and create the situation we've all been imprisoned by for a long ass time now. How many times have I personally tried to help you fix things? Mags wasn't "stolen from you", faggot, you pushed him away with your bullshit. But you don't care about any of that. You have an agenda, and this shit will only stop when you decide it should stop, yeah? FUCK YOU. Go do something productive, like, write a story for the next big mexican telenovela or some such thing, cause you sound just like the right guy for that sort of stuff. To the rest of the forum: I apologize for shitting up this place with things you guys were never meant to hear or care about, but this wasn't the first time my name was brought up, and the reaction was inevitable.
  7. A MESSAGE FROM JINX. @El Brasky @bacardimayne Brasky, let's do it like this. My introduction to you guys was that first GNR discord server(BB), about year ago, right? Between then and now, what have I done to you, personally? Nothing. You were made fun of by everyone and their dog, you had your shitfeuds I ,personally, never gave a damn about, you were doxed(and the pics of your wife were shared, too)- and though I didn't know you that well, I sort of stuck up for you, as I would've for anyone who get's doxed. Remember, back when you were all anti-dox and all that jazz? Guess not, given you're now doing that stuff yourself. At the very least, that is where you're headed. Have you ever spoken to me in private? Do you know me, at all? No,never, and no-you don't know me, not in the slightest. And you're no exception. I'm a very private person, Brasky- you're just too blind to see the difference between my shitposts in general chats, and the actual reality of things. Yet, here you are, slandering me all over the forum I have like 3 posts on since June, last year, a forum where I, myself, never started any shitfeuds or such and, Let's not forget multiple discord servers, like the so called "GNFNR" server, where bacardimayne is playing you like a fiddle- just like he did with several other posters in the past. Bacardimayne, the same guy who started the whole "Jinxie OnlyFans" thing,etc., whatever the hell that means and wherever the hell that comes from. Although, I'm sure, he'll eventually say "I did it for the lols and the rest of them just jumped on the bandwagon.:grin:", as he always does. Whether you like hearing it or not, and in this particular situation- you are just one of those, and I'll not start naming names- they know who they are. Some owned up to it, some never will. I don't care. If I'm not wrong, you're in your late 30s/early 40s? Do you feel proud of yourself for calling me "a discord skank", "a forum slut", "a forum whore", "russian hooker"? Does it help you sleep at night or do you get off on this stuff? I'll openly say this is hurtful and you all should stop, though I know this might as well be exactly what you wanted- If so, I've nothing else to say to you,at least- nothing in a nice way. Suit yourself! Bacardimayne... I see you're up again. Are you losing sleep over discord, Mags, myself etc., once again? I like how you'd selectively chosen that particular post from mafia, to make it look like Mags reacted "just because,no reason". Your "friend" Brasky, and we both know you're absolutely uncapable of having any friends, was the one who'd started brutally insulting me(and no, it wasn't just mafia banter, he went too far), and in an entirely unprovoked manner- but you know this, right? I'm sure you have the rest of the screenshots, too. Wasn't it your plan to start a thread in order to mock this whole situation? But right, you're just "a spectator".lol
  8. You want milk? or are you just sleepy?
  9. That is NOT brown nosing. I was taking the piss. Brown nosing is what Luis is doing to you, you remember Luis who you talked shit about constantly? lol Luis You're getting really boring now, have you run out of insults? or is it sleepy time? Off you pop to bed little fella sweet dreams chubby cheeks x
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