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  1. i hate to bring up old topics, but does anyone know where i can find that dudes remixes? cause i'm not going on mygina to look for them.
  2. to be fair it's a great song, but no need to spam with the same comments
  3. do you think there will be like some sort of day when every banned member gets unbanned? like some sort of chance to redeem themselves. cause it would be fun seeing people ruin their second chances and going back to their old ways.
  4. ok i take it you are one who has also been banned a lot of times? why cant the other banned member get another chance?
  5. towel didn't spam and make 100 threads a day, and you have almost 7000 posts in only 11 months kinda hypocritical there pal. not defending miser or towel but you say things like you never have done them but you actually have.
  6. ah ok i'm sure you have been a bit of a cunt at one stage of your life right? everyone has, but it doesn't mean you treat that person like a cunt. cant you just get over it? after all the past is the past we cant change it but we can change the future if we really make the effort.
  7. no dude i was wondering what did he do for you guys to treat him like shit?
  8. So, this is a GNR forum right? The guy comes across as a knowledgeable GNR fan, And makes really good topics about Axl Rose and GNR... And you all treat him like shit? Why?
  9. screw who will play Axl, i want to see who plays Beta.
  10. i will bring it back if GNR release a new Album this year
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