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  1. I believe so. I'm pretty sure Sharon pays to have stuff removed off the net, there used to be a photo of her and Lemmy together from the 1980 Blizzard UK tour and she has a cracking shiner...can't find mention of a lot of the old stories on the net these days either.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was right before the 2 infamous Costa Mesa 92 shows- Ozzy's "retirement" with Black Sabbath (circa Dehumaniser) as the support act...the shows that saw Dio quit a second time, Rob Halford step in in his place (for the first time) and the original Sabbath lineup play together again for the first time since Live Aid in 86 (a reunion was attempted then too but Ozzy said no). Tony, Geezer, Bill and Ozzy were all set to do an album in 93 (even did press) but the Osbournes pulled out at the 11th hour. Tony (with a returned Geezer) then put out Cross Purposes, which I think had its origins as the reunion album. Geezer flipped in 94 and went over to Ozzy again (did a stint in 89) for Ozzmosis. Tony then did the much maligned Forbidden album with the TYR lineup. Then in 97 Ozzy, Tony and Geezer did the Ozzfest shows with Mike Bordin from FNM/Ozzy and a bit later Bill. They aborted an album in the early 00s. "Ozzy" sued Iommi for control of the Sabbath brand in 09 or 10- urging him in a statement to "do the right thing" and that Sabbath belonged to the four originals. This is where the $75000 was used as leverage, and control went to Iommi and Osbourne 50/50- Ozzy and Sharon "doing the right thing" and taking Geezer and Bill's shares too ? Then you get the Dio/Appice third act with the Heaven and Hell moniker- they couldn't call it Black Sabbath anymore. Make no mistake, Sharon Osbourne spent a good 30 years trying to bury an Ozzy-less Sabbath and gain control of the name. That's why their website was/is so shit (Bill cut out of pictures in classic Sharon style) and the handling of reissues etc is so piss poor.
  3. Unpaid child support! He didn't have the money to pay it, and Sharon bailed him out.
  4. I believe the $75,000 bail money the Osbournes lent him in 92 or whatever came back to bite him and change all that. Ownership is now 50/50 Osbourne (Sharon) and Iommi.
  5. Just wanted to clarify that it was Rick Rubin who chose Brad Wilk to drum on 13, not Tony Iommi.
  6. I have always detested Weiland...and I've never been a RATM guy either. Liked Soundgarden a lot but totally agree that Audioslave were a fucking bore. However, I think Promise is a fantastic song.
  7. Sorry man, don't let me put you off getting what you want- I just dislike script tats. I have plenty of tats people would think are dumb, as you say it's all personal taste.
  8. Yeah, mostly "prison" style.
  9. Script tattoos are shit man, don't do it.
  10. Tom's Ragnar gif is fucking legendary.
  11. Any of y'all wanna transfer me $$$ for a chance to suck my dick and meet FRANK RICHARDS?
  12. I'd prefer Arnie's autograph at this point
  13. Correction, he will just defend his beloved Axl...to the hilt. Axl's the best at everything, Axl would smash your dad in a fight, Axl would smash you in a fight. RAGEnar wants you to get in the ring.
  14. I think we all know what the answer to this question is.
  15. Fuck yeah Gunners, I knew all along all we needed was just a lil Patience! This new jigsaw puzzle is Better than I could have hoped for, it fuckin rocks My World!!!
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