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  1. Indeed. I love (the earlier versions) of IRS...can't stand the album version though.
  2. Tried to like MM and Kyuss (remember Homme getting beaten up trying to return to the stage after stage diving when they supported Metallica here?) but never got into them. Loved How The Gods Kill on the other (left) hand (black)!!!
  3. I'd order/buy her if I could, that's for fucking sure. Did you achieve success with this one Aaud? If so, I'm truly jealous of you. As for the music, I listened to each of them about 3 times when they came out. Hardskool is the better of the two and at least sounds like a UYI track that didn't make the cut but it's still pretty lame.
  4. That's a shame. I'm fucking devastated when I lose a pet, they're my family.
  5. I originally thought that was Rhianna. I love my shock rock (from Alice Cooper and Ozzy to GWAR) but that's just scraping the barrel IMO.
  6. Ragner, Valiant Protector of Our Lord and Saviour Prince Axl. He also finds time to fuck goats!
  7. Is Tony Levin nearly as good on the bass as Timmy Stuson? It's a great lineup Fripp has this time
  8. Did you end up seeing King Crimson?
  9. Yes I should have alluded to Izzy and West Arkeen but we all know that I guess. That said, Breakdown, Locomotive, Estranged...that's all Axl, right?
  10. I know we're all 2 HARD SKOOL these days but I've got to admit that he has come up with some great lyrics, but not anything of note (that I've heard) after the UYI albums. The lyrics and themes on the Chinese Democracy album certainly aren't anything to write home about. THIS IS LOVE has got to have the worst lyrics, even edging out crud like "Rocker" and "Back off Bitch"...he'll, I don't remember what they were exactly or if our Alex wrote them or not but even the Rapidfire lyrics read like poetry next to TIL.
  11. Gotta admit, "dimestore Creed/Nickelback" is exactly what I thought when listening to Mammoth WVH.
  12. I get that. At the risk of sounding like "one of those people", I think a lot of Bucket or even the aforementioned 80s Shredder's material is perhaps better enjoyed/appreciated if you are a musician or player. The "a good song should be catchy" line is true enough of course, but there's a "piece of music" and then there's a "song", right? Since I've dipped my toes into the world of subtractive synthesis and sequencers/sound creation etc etc it's totally "opened my ears up"/given me a new appreciation to a LOT of music.
  13. Totally agree with all of this. The self titled and EP with Corabi are way overrated in my book too, lord knows I tried. Generation Swine is MC's Chinese Democracy (more like Carnival of Souls) but without the decade long wait and it's full of good songs. I don't care what anybody says, there's so much "winning" in say, a song like Beauty it's a joy.
  14. Man, (like Axl etc) this guy used to be a fucking God on my wall as a kid. I will say that the band kicks ass, and he has been steadily improving with each show he's played since the walk off.
  15. Just saw footage of Vince Meal falling off the stage (and breaking his ribs) after warbling his way through "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)"
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