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  1. I've just been on their (Real Doll) website, reading through the testimonials 🍿🍿🍿 I am going to offer my services to help them design a new model: "Georgeta", My Romanii Gypsy Sister
  2. Never been a Nirvana fan by any means but I think the shit Kurt etc said about Axl was hilarious. He (Axl) sure was a Prima Donna, no denying that
  3. 2 guys on keys/synths isn't too outrageous, one handling piano/organ/leads and the other on synthesizers playing strings (or both playing some mix of all of them) like later day Pink Floyd for example. In a hard rock guitar band like GNR though, it's fucking dumb, yeah.
  4. Just following suit of OP by making shit up about 4th rate posers showing the legends they somehow managed to be paid to poorly imitate how to play their own shit...
  5. Married for like 40 years or so, you could twist his arm pretty easily I reckon!
  6. Yes. My dad used make us cheese and HP sauce sandwiches, sometimes with thinly sliced salami.
  7. Darren Gay had to teach Salsh how to play his own material again when he rejoined the Gunners, much like how Tommy Thayer did with Ace Frehley on his return to KISS in the 90s. 🤥
  8. None of that matters because he used that pink bass 😀 But seriously, yes...NM is a great and underrated bassist.
  9. I know RAGEnar is a savage gypsy and all that, but it's still not cool to doxx people.
  10. I watched that one especially! Oh, so you're a Judge Joe Brown guy then, amirite?
  11. Never cared for the Pistols all that much but I guess you had to be there. I do however like the stuff Jones (in particular) and Matlock did with Iggy. There's a "funny" clip where Lydon gets stuck into Marky Ramone on some PUNK panel thing with Duff "Sits Down To Piss" Mckagan in the middle...
  12. I forgot Duff was there for that shitshow. We'd kill for that Axl now.
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