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  1. He toured with Alice Cooper circa Brutal Planet 2000, did a great job too.
  2. Timmy Stuson influenced Brian with his legendary punk band, The Replacements. That's how Brian learned to punk guitaring.
  3. Salsh looks at Izzy's gravy free biceps with resentment.
  4. It's over guys, Axl's appearance and vocals are just a fucking embarrassment. There's been shit slinging about his live vocals going all the way back to the 90s but these past few years...Dustin Bones sounds better. I hate to say it, but Axl looks and sounds like fucking shit. Even if they did the AFD thing, it won't be very good due to Axl. And you know Dizzy Reese, Richard Franklins and Melissa would still be there too, killing the vibe. We're not getting anything good from them ever again. Even the good stuff they have (from CD era) will have to be bastardised by Salsh and Dudd.
  5. I'll say! Here's something I only just found out: after parting ways with David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels was working with Ozzy for "an album that never came out". He said it was while Buckethead was in GNR, I'm saying 2000, as Down To Earth came out late 01.
  6. They were seriously considering replacing Mick with Jake E Lee around 84/85.
  7. I've never been able to stomach BLS or Zakk's horrid warbling vocals but I must admit I do quite like "Set Me Free" off of this new album. The film clip is as embarrassing as the fake biker shtick (and hello Weezer) but yeah, best BLS song I've heard I think.
  8. Exactly what I made of it too 👍
  9. Oh man, don't tell me that...now I don't like him anymore!!! 😜
  10. It sickens me how she (and her spawn) is now celebrity too. I read her book once and it's chick full of lies. Giving the guys in Ozzy's band "the treatment" over the years was one thing, but it shows their true colours (yet again) that once she was finally in control of the Sabbath entity, they fucked Bill like he was a sideman and trashed him in public. Tony and Geezer were still on speaking terms with him during this shit too.
  11. 13 and then The End muddle into one for me now but Bill was supposed to be on 13 etc but he was given what he called an "unsignable contract". I think they wanted another drummer to tour with them as backup (like Vinnie did in the last stint Bill did) but Bill wouldn't have it. "Ozzy" (Sharon) and also Ozzy started publicly shit talking Bill and his abilities, and when Bill asked for his likeness to be removed from promotional images for the tour (13) they (Sharon) gave him the classic Osbourne treatment and had his likeness removed from the Sabbath website entirely, even the 70s stuff 😀 It's funny cause even in the mid 80s Ozzy always said Bill was his best mate and would thank him in his album credits- and Bill has always said he felt "dishonest" in a Sabbath without Ozzy and he'd only do it if it was the original 4. Bill ended up getting diverticulitis and would have had to be replaced on the 13 tour anyway, but he should have been on the fucking album. He can't play like he used to, that's for sure- but Ozzy performs in a severely reduced capacity too. As for Dirty Diamonds, there's one or two turds and an inexplicable Xzibit appearance tacked on that has no place thematically, but I think it's Alice's best album since The Last Temptation in 94 (that's a killer album)
  12. Bill Ward and Politics aside and I wish they'd (Sabbath) have taken Carl Palmer up on his offer, but Tommy is great- he did an excellent album with Alice in 06 (Dirty Diamonds) that is for the most part just like an early 70s album.
  13. Glen Sobel And an example of him just really elevating a song
  14. I also immediately thought of: Ringo* Neal Smith (Alice Cooper Group) Peter Criss* Cozy Powell Lars* Steven Adler Like the guys you listed, they all have an instantly recognisable sound. (*= technical prowess aside) Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper's drummer since 2011) is a modern guy that I really like.
  15. "Retarded chicks should be fucked and not heard"
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