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  1. Load in particular is a pretty strong album, if you took the couple of duds off of it and put the few strong numbers from Reload in their place that would be one hell of an album.

    Musically I think it's a natural progression from the Black album, and not "fake" at all.

    Appearance wise, yes what a cop out.

    I vividly remember opening up the booklet for the first time and laughing at the pictures.


    I don't blame them for "changing" with Black-Load, I think they were following their musical "hearts"...when they went back to METAL again it sounded forced and uninspired to me, at least Load etc sound genuine.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Ragnar said:

    You seem knowledgeable in the subject........ 


    Is it how you were shat out ?


    Your father mated with a goat and 9 months later you were squirted out ?


    There's no other way to explain your expertise in the matter.


    Unless you're a Gypsy and have first-hand knowledge how your stock operates........

    Don't play dumb with me RAGEnar, you know as well as I do that a goat's gestation period is 150 days/5 months.

  3. 8 hours ago, Budd Dwyer said:

    "everything is someone else's fault, I'm a victim" mentality    is EXACTLY what you're representing if you're thinking Manson is innocent in anyway



    They chose to suck dick for money, but suck dick only, not to be beaten, tortured etc.

    There is a big difference between being a gold digger and being  a sex slave


    If you don't see the difference and you're on manson side, you're no better than him, imho

    i'm not defending the whores or the gold diggers

    But if somebody is rich and famous and exploit other people to an extent it became as fucked up as this shit, then blame the victims there, it's more than clear he is guilty as fuck

    I'm not particularly "on his side", and bondage, s&m and all that isn't for me/wouldn't be in a relationship with someone 20 years my junior.

    It's my opinion that she was a willing participant.


    If a 21 year old goes to Vegas and loses all their money on a roulette wheel, can they sue the casino when they realise it was a dumb idea?


    Aren't men and women supposed to be equal?

    ERW was a strong woman who went and forged her own, unique lifestyle and path aged 20, and she's now world famous.



  4. 7 minutes ago, Ragnar said:

    Because they're way too big to be cancelled and me-too-ed.


    Manson struggled to crack B list celebrity list even in his "prime".


    He doesn't even qualify as D list these days..


    Some bands/artists are way too big to be cancelled.


    Axl/Guns' are among such bands/artists.

    Lol Ragnar, you really do hold your beloved Prince Axl so high up on his pedestal 😆

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