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  1. Came here to post that BOB should consider himself pretty fucking lucky, coz Axl is known to have a mean slap on him. He also bites and pulls hair like a mother fucker...
  2. Do you guys actually think Axl is going to write another album with Slash and Duff? No way man. It's spoiled Chinese leftovers and boring covers till the credits roll.
  3. Budd Dwyer Doctor Doom Ragnar (dressed like his prince, Axl) and my sister
  4. Lyric videos are ghey and lame. Of course, our heroes THE GUNNERS release lyric videos.
  5. That LOAD picture of them on the staircase reminds me of the cover of this (amazing) album
  6. Load in particular is a pretty strong album, if you took the couple of duds off of it and put the few strong numbers from Reload in their place that would be one hell of an album. Musically I think it's a natural progression from the Black album, and not "fake" at all. Appearance wise, yes what a cop out. I vividly remember opening up the booklet for the first time and laughing at the pictures. I don't blame them for "changing" with Black-Load, I think they were following their musical "hearts"...when they went back to METAL again it sounded forced and uninspired to me, at least Load etc sound genuine.
  7. You Could Be Mine is a fucking bad ass hard rock song. Ancient history now/played to death but AFD, Lies and the UYI albums are peppered with great rock n roll songs.
  8. Don't play dumb with me RAGEnar, you know as well as I do that a goat's gestation period is 150 days/5 months.
  9. Don't argue with Gypsies They just drag you down to their level Rape your sister and abscond with your goat herd
  10. I'm not particularly "on his side", and bondage, s&m and all that isn't for me/wouldn't be in a relationship with someone 20 years my junior. It's my opinion that she was a willing participant. If a 21 year old goes to Vegas and loses all their money on a roulette wheel, can they sue the casino when they realise it was a dumb idea? Aren't men and women supposed to be equal? ERW was a strong woman who went and forged her own, unique lifestyle and path aged 20, and she's now world famous.
  11. Lol Ragnar, you really do hold your beloved Prince Axl so high up on his pedestal 😆
  12. Well, if you want to prescribe to the whole "everything is someone else's fault, I'm a victim" mentality Bud, that's great. Good luck with that. If I chose to go suck dick for drug money I wouldn't blame the dude giving me the $20.
  13. How many naive schoolgirls/20 somethings have you known that willingly threw themselves at that hot older guy or partied hard and then came to regret it later in life? Fucking heaps.
  14. Why should he? (If it was consensual, as he alleges) Its not his fault those dumb cunts let him exploit them. They made poor life decisions getting with him- he didn't steal them away and enslave them.
  15. Where the legion of Replacements fans now that little Timmy Stunson (the guy who influenced a million bassists) is no longer a GUNS N ROSER?
  16. Yeah lol, two bands that were highly influential on Guns N Roses. Of course, you're more of a Limp Bizkit guy...
  17. PhenomoLOL. Well, it is better than Korn and your other lame grunge hard ons I suppose...
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