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  1. First I've heard of the guy. Is he like a Pete Scaturro guy?
  2. Mansion looks like he took Alice Coopers shtick and turned it up a few notches and borrowed more imaginary from death metal bands of the early 90's like Cannibal Corpse etc.
  3. Constipators albums seem to be churned out as quickly as possible. Slash doesn't want to take time on his playing and just churns out some generic riffs and put it the can, end of story. Maybe that's one of hold ups of CD2, Axl won't accept Slash's generic fapping riffs and makes him try harder and take more time perfecting riffs. BRING BACK THE BUCKET!
  4. Maybe he's resorted to sticking pubes on his head to improve thinkness of hair.
  5. It was a banning offense on mygina to mention Slash in a bad light during CD era. On HTGTH, Jarmo wouldnt say shit about any Slash disses during new gnr era until the reunion. Those places are strange.
  6. Good job Izzy didn't take that attitude when Slash first joined Guns. Jesus what a cuck. I do think Axl brought Wylde in just to fuck with Slash, and I don't blame him. Imagine the both of them though if Buckethead walked in. Instant gravy & jack daniels.
  7. It's time to puts things in motion. Get Fernando on the Fatcast. Tell him to put down the garden shears and the rake and answer the tough questions.
  8. So... Bill. Where abouts are you up with the investigation?
  9. Thats a sobering thought. I wouldn't rule it out...I'd be more pissed at the amount of carrot dangeling by band members in the press for years all for it to be for nothing.
  10. Hard to say I do agree that silly string was being shot all over the place. I think Slash and Duff slept together.
  11. Which songs did Slash redo Izzys rhythm parts on? Was on Illusion tracks or Spaghetti Incident? That would have pissed me off. It doesn't sound right or better. I wonder if Izzy will tell his side of things regarding reunion or he will keep out of it like always. I mean by now and the profits of NITL you would think the coffers would be big enough by now to include Izzy.
  12. Midnight at the Chuck E. Cheese Lost souls in the dirty grease Remedy for rashers at the Chucky E. Cheese
  13. Absurd, Hard Skool are rocker types. Next single could be either Oh My God, Ain't Going Down, Atlas, SOG or a song we have never heard in any shape or form...and that would be a surprise.
  14. I'd love for them to have recording/writing sessions with Izzy involved it would be awesome. Just throw some money at it and make it work. Get CD:2 out and then get to work. Maybe add Adler for the full reunion album. No regrets once they look back on there careers. Begbies right.
  15. Rick been playing knock a door and run on Axls door again?
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