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  1. Can't wait to hear The General...its been a long time coming.
  2. Not exactly late 70's but I like this song...
  3. Y'all remember that car crash foam from Demolition Man. That's what those Gravy Biceps can offer in protection especially from side impacts.
  4. Slash and the Conspirators guitarist Frank Sidoris and his wife Alexandria, were involved in a car accident on Saturday driving to Los Angeles. Frank said, “A small pickup truck was towing a van of illegal weight on a single axle trailer without brake lights or turn signals in the middle lane of the 15 South just before Baker, CA. The driver hit his brakes on a downhill causing the weight of the van and trailer to push the pickup directly in front of us, making him completely perpendicular to the left lane we were in giving us nowhere to go except the desert median. We clipped the front of his pickup truck which sent us airborne over a drainage ditch, crashing head-on in to the other side." "Luckily Slash's Gravy Biceps were hanging out of each window on the back passenger windows, and they absorbed most of the impact." “It was a truly traumatic experience, but at least we are alive and Allie’s injuries are mendable through surgery and months of physical therapy. Her surgeon is one of the best there is and considering my wife’s strength and how she’s been an absolute superhero through everything she’s gone through, I know she’ll be able to bounce back with time. I’m hopeful the road ahead won’t be a long one. “Thank you to each and every one of you for reaching out and for all of the amazing support you’ve given us over the years during the hardest times of our lives, it means the world.” http://www.alternativenation.net/guns-n-roses-legend-suddenly-cancels-show/ Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Dribbly Sharte/Glibly Shatner has been forced to suddenly cancel a show. He wrote on Instagram, “We have cancelled our performance at Monsters on the Mountain. the show will go on, but we will not be appearing. we apologize to anyone who made plans to be there on our behalf.”
  5. Let's update the lyrics for 2021. Intro - Duff: This ones for you Greta, fuck those carbon emissions Axl: I guess I needed a Pecan Pie, I needed a piece of pie...a slice of pie that would stay So I thumbed it, down to the House Of Pies, maybe a Pecan could be my way... Police & Niggers get out of my way. I'm not good at this.
  6. It looks a lot like Kate Beckinsale. Who is a goddess but I doubt she has posed with the baps out.
  7. Do we expect GNR to remain silent all the way through Autumn, Winter, Spring & return in Summer...June 2022 for the next tour leg dates of Europe? Or is there a possibility a couple more songs could be released or indeed the next album in that time? All other big rock bands seem to busy...I don't think maintaining radio silent is the correct approach.
  8. You can't spot reduction with fat it leaves the body were the body decides first and the last place it leaves is the stomach area. I have a gut but I'm in my mid 30's, that guy is pushing 60. Exercise and a decent eating plan would make him leaner.
  9. Slash's profits from N.I.T.L tour & everything he's earned since the big three reunion is well earned, he gets to rub that in Perlas big tittys while its obvious deep down she must be pissed she didn't see the majority slice of that pie when the divorce settlement was set. AND WHAT YOU GONNA DO PERLA, WHEN SLASH AND THE 24" GRAVY BICEPS RUNS WILD ON YOUUUUUU!
  10. Have Slash & Duff got any material set aside for GNR. Like an idea they thought would make a good song? Or did they spaff it all on VR?
  11. Damn. TB's lackys must be lurking and brownnosing at all times. We've been dancing, with Mr BrownNose...
  12. My friend Harry is out in the Cascade Range, he lived with the Henderson family for a short time.
  13. Correct length 'they say' is showing off part of your triceps. But if your biceps are full of gravy...
  14. I do think he does Mickey on purpose because it has less impact on his throat and maybe he's scared of blowing his voice when on a tour with big money on the line.
  15. @wasted What's your take on the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot photograph/film?
  16. I want them to properly follow up UYI as a unit. I didn't mind CD. But feels like we are in a time warp.
  17. Those things would clear a dance floor.
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