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  1. Welcome one & all...please post your all time favourite Guns N' Roses live performances, from all the lineups...1986-2020. We can perserve this thread for future generations. I'm gonna kickoff with a few videos, hope you enjoy and please post your own favourites.
  2. Blue skying here but everything Buckethead recorded in his entire stint in the band should be fine combed & somehow try to put together with some Slash work and whatever else Richard & Co have, there must be some Bucket golden truffles left somewhere.
  3. I'm a believer than MJ was framed by the first accusers dad. And it stuck. He was caught on tape admitting it. MJ used to score Morphine of him along with other celebs like Carrie Fisher and they would put MJ in a backroom in the dentists (first accusers dads profession) building while he was asleep, seems he had sleeping troubles for a while until his death. The accusations seemed to stick and MJ had a string of doctors who would prescribe him pharma drugs like Elvis that kick-started a wave of shit for him and slowly it killed him by ways of pharma drugs. That Conrad Murray doctor would admi
  4. If they attempted an Appetite style record again they would have to mature the lyrics for the ages they are now, and not have them sound immature and out of character for a 50+ year old man. The riffs would have to be on point and somewhere Slash would have to better Robin Finck's This I Love solo.
  5. Duff was spotted at a Nails studio in Hollywood having his nails done. This one's for you Johnny!
  6. I like Coma. I'd put Locomotive slighty above it (Sometimes I like Coma more) but I think it still rocks and its songs like that where GNR don't sound like the hair metal bands that a lot of people unfairly lump them in with, GNR were capable of much more.
  7. Has anybody done the GNFNR lyric treatment to Backstreet Boys 'I Want It That Way', yet? Obviously the title needs changing to 'Have It Your Way' first.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me if Duff is wearing fishnet tights at this point...
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