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  1. I know we have a laugh on here and at times you guys make this limey spit his Yorkshire tea out in laughter but I kinda feel a little sad seeing him in that state, it's like he's not well...like you say he does seem medicated at times. Sometimes it makes me wonder what Team Brazil play in that role, is it similar to some of the people that were around Elvis & MJ. I mean the doctors & leeches, the sinister types.
  2. That NBA interview video from like 2000, seems like a different guy.
  3. Tom have you considered hiring Fred Durst to do some deep digging into your investigation?
  4. I've been watching some footage from last night... I honestly thought Axl was gonna explode during the latter part of WTTJ, he looked like a big red balloon that was ready to pop, his face was bright red! But christ he doesn't sound good, with the voice breaks/cracks. The whole band sounded like it was going through the motions. There performance of Jungle at Hershey back in 2017 is alot better, Axl looks slimmer than here, a year on the road of shredding blubber. I'll give this 18-24hrs before it disappears.
  5. Nice. Make an extra sign as well with the title... 1 album in 30 years.
  6. Curious why they don't sell lithographs on there website or on that tour merch site.
  7. Bill. I would love for ET to do a cover of Chris De Burghs 'Lady In Red' maybe for a future Fatcast episode or something.
  8. Yeah. Even Steven & Izzy who must still get decent percentages on royaltys and actually contributed musically to the original music they are playing at the shows must be like thanks a bunch. Still seems a bit weird that New GNR could actually get Izzy involved but so far in this trio of Axl, Slash, Duff...Izzy can't be given extra loot to play a show, N.I.T.L shows must have Shirley balanced the books.
  9. Got to wonder which member ends up going up the Hershey Highway tonight... I've noticed a blossoming connection between Duff & Frank. Which is surprising since ol' spineless tried to throw him under the bus during the initial Reunion process.
  10. Must be possible to get another double out with this completed one and a follow up. They must have around 30+ completed songs. It would make up for lost time and lack of music.
  11. Tom. Can't you reach out to Netflix or another platform? You may be able to get a 10 part/episode series out.
  12. Is it me or does he look bigger? I do want them to be in the best shapes possible for there ages so they can play to there best of abilitys, sound great & not look like a blocked sewer but if they have been just sitting on the sofa for a year its hard to have any sympathy. These guys are multi-millionaires just hire a personal trainer for a few months and stick a diet plan out.
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