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  1. I can’t wait to buy this ep, right along with a gnr laundry bag! It will be the greatest purchase ever! 🙄
  2. Anytime I’m feeling down about gnr not releasing “new” music, getting a never ending tour with the same songs on repeat, or start to cry that I can’t join uncle a at the loca Golden Corral buffet, I jump on here, read some shit posts, and the sun starts shining again
  3. Stop being a virgin, take the money, light some candles, and finish her off in 3-5 seconds
  4. Where can I donate to buy this guy a hooker? I’m looking to spend my hard earned money on vag for someone else
  5. I can imagine you have learned a lot following GnR thru all types of bullshit. I remember in the mid 90s on the radio a dj said allanah morisset earned $0.25 per album sold. Not sure how accurate that was, but selling 2 million albums for example “only” $500k. Crazy even before the Napster era, album sales still didn’t make artists tons and tons of money. Im shocked none of these guys friends or hanger ons ever leaked a ton of inside knowledge over the years. Uncle Axl and co have pissed a lot of people off along the way I’d imagine. I understand holding the idea and imagine of old, but if a band really wanted to be great, wouldn’t they want to do something huge music/creatively? Or even label people. If Joe Shmo produced GnRs (big 3 +) first record in a long time, and it was huge. Wouldn’t that be a career Defining accomplishment? Hell a movie on the saga of GnR and not just the stuff casuals know, would be a hell of a thriller. Think about all the drama and crap you’ve since over the years w this band and mix it into one show
  6. Your insight is on point. You know people in the industry or something? Makes sense too, if Axl just wanted to “sell music” he would’ve done all the shit the label people asked him to do. He didn’t and they possibly screwed him. Now that they are popular main stream again, they might want a new new release but Axl says F off, you didn’t want my shit before so you don’t get it now...or something
  7. Sorry, severe brain damage side affect. Forgot ole uncle A said that a while back...at least I have a good excuse to say dumb shit every now and again
  8. Really appreciate the insight and that makes a lot of sense thinking about everything. It’s like a person living on top for so long and expecting the same treatment, even when they are less relevant. And the people/business bankrolling them is not willing to put as much into the situation unless they know they can capitalize on the major investment. “smaller bands, less expectation, less money involved”
  9. GnR board wars going strong
  10. Interesting. So something like person A wanted us to buy into their version/story of gnr but person B (RIAA) said nope and took it down...because it’s not what person B wants? Fuck... Hearing about the much more recorded music out there from Axl and none of us getting to hear it is frustrating. Is it hard for record execs to see the big picture? We WILL buy new music from Axl/GnR! Yet some rich stiff suit doesn’t understand this or is using it as a leverage power grab?! I have no idea...just trying to imagine
  11. Does the RIAA have total control over everything related to anything that’s been musically released, officially? If that makes sense...
  12. Before full album sales became huge, bands hardly made any money off the recorded music. They made their money on the road, and that’s how it pretty much is now of days.
  13. I remember watching this video a while back, and noticed Slush kept itching his nose...one of the side effects of being on opiates. Not saying this is what’s going on, but just saying...
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