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  1. If my life is ever made into a movie, this starts playing when the credits start rolling.
  2. Miser talking anal sex and his woman with Larry, her ex, and her 19yr old friend........top shelf
  3. Limp Bizkit are both touring and recording this year, so sir I take umbrage with the above statement
  4. I wanna see a reaction video of people watching a max hardcore clip circa 2002 (Euro version) for the 1st time......... then we got something
  5. Still begging for You may be right......I need to buy this person lunch no doubt
  6. "You may be right" by Billy Joel is just begging to be done by this masterful artist
  7. First, you are awesome. Thank you for the great videos. Second, is there any way we could have some sort of community request option? The work you do is incredible, thank you again for this masterpiece
  8. Well, with two women and Frank in the band, how much is really left to go around after the equal pay/rights push.
  9. So does he charge more or less if he brings Gunsguy to the shoot?

    1. Sick Boy

      Sick Boy

      Gunsguy has to pay to watch. 

    2. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT


  10. I'll sing one.....you sing one....we'll do this four times

  11. spotted at Wal-Mart this afternoon
  12. @Towelie I'll see you and raise you with this gem. (Couldn't find the even worse NR)
  13. Just a few of the books of the apostles......
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