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  1. They would not make 10% of what they make touring by releasing old shows. It is all about the tour, its guaranteed money that doesn't go outside the TB/GNR circle.
  2. He quit for many reasons, and Axl is ultimately responsible for that. BH's health gets bandied about, but his reasons to quit were not health related. I suppose indirectly you could argue that some that Axl surrounded himself with were to blame, but Axl listened to who he wanted to.
  3. Getting rid of Buckethead was the worst decision Axl ever made.
  4. Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
  5. So cheap......they are delaying shipping so they know how many of each they will need to press................. thrifty, but sad
  6. http://gnrmerch.com/products/hard-skool-cd just fucking sad
  7. ahh...that kid's book and toy truck and obscure slot machine game that no one on planet earth has seen or played suggest otherwise
  8. These fucks should be charged with crimes for what they have done with Buckethead's contributions
  9. This man needs statues built and songs sung in his honor.......fucking legend
  10. Auad, that woman would hurt you.
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