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  1. That's great man! Can wait for the special episode with auad
  2. duff counting at the beginning is pure gold
  3. Yes. What will come first, and official release of unreleased music or new leaks?
  4. Happy birthday auad!!! Feliz aniversário amigo! tamo junto!
  5. what are you talking about? have you heard something? what you mean?
  6. well man, I really hope that happens one day
  7. wow dude! didn't know they played this song on those concerts
  8. what's this thread about? is really gonna be new music this year? official? new leaks?
  9. I came to this thread excited to again find myself disappointed. Don't know why I'm surprised
  10. so he's still a 'studio member'? like brain?
  11. Idk man I compared this guy in the video with a old photo of PT and there's some resemblance
  12. http://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/paul-tobias Axl's best friend joined him on the fat club (I'm pretty sure that's him)
  13. as far as I know Axl is 173-75
  14. Please tell us more In my mind Axl is like Prince. I bet he has tons of music recorded, all in different styles and that he wanted to release big bold projects, like Prince's Crystal Ball He should end his contract with UMG and release it all by himself, it's never too late, I mean, if Brian Wilson was able to finish and release Smile, Axl can do the same with his 'Project' And he obviously should change his managment, althought I'm brazilian, I think TB does a terrible job at every single thing GNR related, even the social media posts are lazy and ridiculous. I hope we d
  15. doesn't matter, as long the aesthetics is the same
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