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  1. why don't you share with us?
  2. But he's great at live converts
  3. @Bill Brasky is 2022 already. Give us what you got!
  4. And that would explain why his drums are on both Hard Skool and Absurd singles
  5. I hope is true, Brain was my favorite GNR drummer
  6. Any 10 minutes song on the next album? Are they planning to release the UYI Tour doc?
  7. Do you know any detail about those particular songs? Is there any way for we get access to it? Are you going to reveal the full story this year or only '22?
  8. If it was in europe, which country? Is this person inside Axl's social circle?
  9. Is there any chance that this whole set of infos include infos about the songs hoarded by the former keyboard player?
  10. É isso ai mano! lindo texto Tamo junto irmão!
  11. Axl should just start using a distortion effect on his mic during the concerts. Is gonna be fake rasp but at least is gonna be more pleasurable to listen to
  12. we should make a crowdfunding and buy the album from him. I'm not even joking
  13. http://streamable.com/xczb3l "16 years and still can't get his name right"
  14. 241840874_260570015793593_2901031247594752636_n.mp4 241840874_260570015793593_2901031247594752636_n.mp4
  15. Let's be real, this cover is way better than the official version Though his vocals aren't great, at least it doesn't have werid effects on it. And this guy keep the chorus, beign loyal to the original version of the song
  16. RIR 2001: axl tells a security to remove a guy wearing a Slash's shirt out of the audience 2002:
  17. hopefully is gonna be this! honestly, although I like frank it would be better if they just bring brain back. his style of playing fits the band better frank has a too soft hand
  18. sometimes I think frank is only the tour drummer and brain is the studio one cause they never made an official announcement of brain quiting the band and there's also that time on the chat that axl said that brain was still a part of the band
  19. What are the chances of we getting new music released this year?
  20. Apparently this is what happened to Slash's sold house
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