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  1. Scott was fucking great on that one. Close your eyes... it sounds like the reincarnation on Jim Morrison.
  2. True. By now, the UYI's are over 40 Millions copies sold worldwide... but... "they didn't sell well"... LOL!! Seriously? Come on... I love AFD, but the UYI's were HUGE back in the days too.
  3. That was awesome! Thanks for posting this. Everything is great on this one, even Miley is great on that one, I much prefer her as a female Rock singer. Billy Idol would have been the best frontman ever for Velvet Revolver. I liked Scott but Billy Idol would have put VR on another level.
  4. Billy Idol was 56 on this video... and still sounds and looks like in the 80's. The guy is a monster and one of the best frontman in rock history.
  5. Catchy, punchy, « in your face » rock song. Great for the gym. It pumps you.
  6. Richard is on the track and yes, just wait for the album.
  7. What about the charts? Any news about the stats after 24 hours?
  8. Dawn, awesome quality! Axl was fantastic back in the days. This is the Axl Rose I will remember. Say what you want, but in his prime, Axl was untouchable.
  9. Frank not beeing on the track is an humiliation.
  10. I don’t like the song, but I like the production. Hard School with that production will sound KILLER. I just wait for HS now to be the next single.
  11. Do Slash and Duff really agree with that? Seriously, WTF? ?
  12. This was a bad show, shit happens… It feels like Axl has an health issue. He is NOT fat for a 60 yo caucasian man, a little bit overweighted but he is also muscular at the same time. He works out. Vince Neil is fat, Meet Loaf is fat, Elvis was fat by the end (and still had a great voice until he dies), Axl is not. BUT, something is wrong about his voice and attitude, like he has an health issue. It’s sad. He seems in a bad shit. Sometimes it feels like he is gonna colapse onstage or like he is on meds.
  13. HardSchool sounds great! I Love Slash Lead guitar and Fortus « crunchy » rythm parts.
  14. No they were not. Even Nirvana weren't.
  15. I was at this show : Hope they will keep this instrumental. Best GN'R guitar combo since Appetite!
  16. Both. Richard has been writing tons of new material since the 2006-2007 tour. He wrote really good stuff with Axl, Robin and Tommy back then, and he wrote stuff with Slash, Duff and Axl since 2016. Don't you all remember some of the jams during the 2006-2007 tour? ?
  17. Hi, 4tus is a very important band member in this line-up and heavily involved in new material (basically, as much as Izzy during the AFD era). He is on NDA and can't really talk. That's what I know.
  18. Elton John was much better in the 80's for sure... this version kicks ass (Eric Clapton on guitar and Phil Collins on drums), great song :
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