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  1. Hey Guys!


    As I said on the fatcast... present to you a recent composition that we recorded. fresh out of the oven.
    It's in Portuguese, it's more for you guys to feel the vibe! All the guitars played by me!


    Mulher e anjo.mp3



    1. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      I was expecting a sex video:pepe:

  2. I don't think integrity was ever on GNR guys' radar...they're a bunch of opportunistic motherfuckers to begin with... I have a friend who produces t-shirts at home. we created this together. zillion times prettier than the "officials"
  3. Yes, many of the encounters go "wrong", and that's when it happens. usually there are a few conversations, some advance and there were a few "friends", this when the person does not "undo" the match overnight and without explanations, there is a nice conversation and suddenly the person disappears, it bothers a little. Ending up in sex has happened a few times, I've only been using tinder for a few months. What about your experiences?
  4. Thank you all guys! It was really cool! Great time with Bill, GnRLiars and wasted. My spoken English is ok, my difficulty is in understanding what you guys say, I haven't practiced conversation, but it was so fucking cool! Felling good reading your coments after a good session of sex, half-hour ago. A new one of tinder. First time we went out. she tried to put it off until...but I convinced her. despite being menstruated, good surprise! loves anal!
  5. While the Michael Jordan "flu game" is the stuff of legend in Chicago, there might also be some room for reflective admiration in the Windy City this week for Axl Rose who managed to gut his way through a three-hour set with Guns N' Roses while likely suffering through the effects of food poisoning. Rose revealed his malady a day after GN'R played Chicago's vaunted baseball shrine and noticeably wasn't completely on his A-game. While the Chicago Sun-Times pointed out that the show was full of "gusto," they also mentioned Rose struggling "during the night to tether himself to a comfortable vocal range" and "straining to hit notes in his top register," while still crediting the musician for "giving it his all in the marathon set." As it turns out, Rose had what he believes to be food poisoning, with the full effects hitting him during the show, but he rallied through the lengthy set anyway. In a series of tweets, Rose stated, "A note to Chicago…I got to the show feeling great, but started getting sick pretty early on. It progressed to where I was throwing up & was light headed. Wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d fallen off the front of the stage." He went on to add, "I’d b fine then not, fine again then not all night. Was pretty crazy but the crowd was great n’ I was in a great headspace n’ we had fun. Luckily the COVID test was negative. Def messed with my vocals in places. Just glad we got thru it n’ it didn’t mess with the show too bad. I’m a lot better now. Seems most likely to be food poisoning. Looking forward to Milwaukee! - Axl." The Thursday (Sept. 16) performance was part of the band's "We're F'N Back!" tour that kicked off in early August. The 25-song set was filled with a mix of classics, covers and even the new song "Absurd." Though the new track "Hard School" was reportedly soundchecked prior to the performance, it did not make its live debut during the show which would make sense to hold off given Rose's health during the night. As Rose stated, the band is off to Milwaukee's American Family Insurance Amphitheater tonight (Sept. 18) for their appearance at Summerfest. Their current U.S. run spills over into early October. See the remaining dates here. Read More: Axl Rose Guts Out GN'R's Wrigley Field Show Amidst Food Poisoning | http://loudwire.com/axl-rose-guns-n-roses-wrigley-field-show-potential-food-poisoning/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral
  6. According to journalist José Norberto Flesch, the American band Guns N' Roses will be one of the attractions of the next edition of Rock In Rio, which will take place in September 2022 (days 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11 ). The information was disclosed in a video shared by the journalist on his Youtube channel, this Tuesday night (September 14th). In the video, which can be seen in the player below, Flesch doesn't give much details about the date of the performance, but says that Axl Rose's band will probably perform on the festival's second weekend (8, 9, 10 and 11 of September 2022). Read more at: http://whiplash.net/materias/news_727/334539-gunsnroses.html
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