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  1. If the songs from the GNR/Shaq recording sessions ever get released, they should be included on the list of choices. I think Papa Johns should offer a free pizza to everyone in America and Brazil if those session songs are released by the end of this year.
  2. Taylor Momsen? No, but I'd let her piss in Lzzy's mouth. I think the most shocking thing that might happen at the festival this year is the two of them making out onstage, I can totally picture that. Either way, Sunday would be my choice ... save the best for last.
  3. It's not just his drumming, it's his writing and composing that would make him much more of a contributor than Frank.
  4. Did any of the women Auad has banged become too attached or stalkerish, and if so how did he handle it?
  5. I was in attendance for their only US performance of this song, and last performance ever anywhere. During the aftershow Bumble specifically asked me what I thought of it. Not sure if it was because he had his doubts, or just because it was a rare setlist addition.
  6. My only question, how was she able to reach far enough around her stomach to grab her crotch?
  7. Try Space Invader IPA, it's damn good. Lanny McDonald would approve.
  8. Poison Clan - Bitch that I hate Great show guys!
  9. This started about 4 years ago and it's the dumbest trend in my lifetime. Between the painted on eyebrows and green/pink/blue/purple hair colors, seems like women these days truly want to look like a fucking clown.
  10. I think we are all anxiously waiting for the prostitute episode, that could be an epic 4-hour show. Hopefully it will be available Thanksgiving, listening to it will be a perfect way to break up the 4-day holiday weekend and give me a break from the relatives.
  11. Diana: "Are you gonna do Dirty Diana tonight?" MJ: "No, no. I took it out of the show, out of respect for you." Diana: "I'm not talking about the song."
  12. I'm sure ET and GnRLiars made it entertaining as always, even without guests. Still hoping to see Bran appear one of these weeks, Let's Go Brandon!
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