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  1. This is why Duff never wore a kilt like Axl did, he didn't want this to happen to him ...
  2. If Axl tells this forum "get in the ring motherfucker and I'll kick your bitchy little ass", who should represent us in the ring? I'd go with Wasted, I'm sure he's got more than one Touch of Death move he could use on Axl.
  3. His head can be brought to Alcor in Arizona and stored next to the head of Ted Williams.
  4. Tyler has gone downhill a lot the past couple years, but did sound very good prior. Billy Idol sounded great the last time I saw him.
  5. I typically don't get involved in this sort of thread, but I have one thing to say about the "saving his voice" theory. Last year they performed at the Super Bowl Music Fest. It was live streamed and a portion of the performance was broadcast on network tv. Axl sounded just as bad as usual. If ever he would have not held back, it would have been then. Time to face reality, his vocals are permanently shot.
  6. Ha, I was gonna pull a MV reference. Lake Compounce is where it all went down, oldest amusement park in the country!
  7. I've been saying for years he should lip sync. Fans go to concerts to see their idols in person and hear the music they love. If they had a choice of seeing the musicians in person, with album-quality lyrics piped in and Axl pretending to sing them, would many of the fans mind? Nope. We all know many singers lip sync. As Gene Simmons recently said, nearly all singers don't sound as good live as they do on albums. Attending a GNR concert with a lip-syncing Axl would be no different than attending a professional wrestling match. We all know wrestling is fake. Everything is scripted. The punches and kicks and body slams and slamming chairs and tables aren't real. The foot stomping on the ring and microphone right below it to make every blow sound authentic. And yet fans, despite knowing it's not real, still eat it up because their heroes are right there just a few feet in front of them. So why should concerts be any different? If forced to choose between lip sync or full Mickey, I choose lip sync.
  8. It's Christopher Walken, ask him about Natalie Wood.
  9. I post at another forum where it gives you 5 minutes to edit, and then it can't be changed. Seems reasonable to me.
  10. Great handle! I totally forgot about this dude, used to go at it with him all the time.
  11. Yeah the ass is a bit too big, jiggly and spread out for my liking. And she has a nice cameltoe.
  12. This is just like Prince's Black Album !! If anyone has a boot of the "destroyed" FatCast Episode 13 (perfect number BTW) I've got a boot of the Ashba Era GNR Forum Skype Sessions I'm willing to trade.
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