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  1. Ali would literally lick the kernels of corn from Axl’s shit. I have no illusions about the setlist, and understand your concern, particularly with Covid. I just think that these slight variations are the only realistic expectations. Drastic setlist changes would mean Drastic changes to the entire production, lighting, video and Pyro. That just isn't realistic, IMO. Ali I disagree completely. Other than not holding notes as long tonight, there was no meaningful difference that I could hear. He looks noticeably lighter than he did a few years ago, and that will only help his performance going forward. Given his body language on some of the songs, and how he came in late on PC, I would say he was having monitor issues. Ali
  2. Why does the Fatman insist on debuting new music live? Put Hard School up on Spotify so people don’t have to listen to it for the first time getting butchered live on YouTube. I must say I am impressed with what Old Gravy Biceps did with the guitar parts.
  3. Hard School sounds a bit more rockin' now. Unfortunately it is going to sound like shit when the Fatman tries to sing it in concert.
  4. Fat’s the Way We Like It by Axl Rose & The Gary Sunshine Band
  5. If the music is good they can use cartoon Axl and Slash for the music videos.
  6. Uncle Axl turned into Grandpa Axl and the band that forgot time.
  7. I thought Brasky said the most we will get is some shitty ep with Hard School and Atlas Shrigged on it?
  8. They played The Blues and Madagascar live nearly eight years before the studio versions came out on Chinese Democracy.
  9. They should put it out on Spotify so people not familiar with Rick’s Picks don’t have to listen to Hard School with Axl’s horrid live singing for the first time.
  10. The only thing light about this band is ticket sales.
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