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  1. Slash is trying to have his gravy and eat the Fat Man’s cake too.
  2. You can rest assured that this story was Fat Checked before I pushed submit.
  3. He is wearing Cher's wig from the If I Could Turn Back Time music video.
  4. Gravy Biceps has ruined another Thanksgiving album release date for GNR.
  5. Axl got snaked once again by the man with the top hat and gravy biceps.
  6. Gravy Biceps & the Shit-Distillators have conspired to delay CD II until after Axl turns sixty.
  7. But that still implies it has to be one or the other. Can people not like more than one artist or buy more than one artist’s material? Of course they can. The only point is that if you can spend X amount of time/money on something, and then have to either divide that time/money on multiple things, or just spend it all on one thing. Which one "wins"? Some, choose to do just one thing, others choose both. But in the end, if even one person makes the choice of choosing just one, the other one lost... /jarmo
  8. So you don't think the two are kinda fighting for the same audience? /jarmo
  9. Axl didn't want some fans to have to choose between buying his Corn Dog and Slash's Gravy. On another note, if GN'R were to keep releasing songs between now and the next tour, do you think it would take focus away from Slash's project and/or would people keep asking for more once the tour actually starts in June? /jarmo
  10. That’s how I feel. Letting Gravy Biceps re-record Soul Monster and Zodiac is a crime you know it’s true.
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