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  1. Brasky’s Fatcast is the number 1 GNR podcast in the world!
  2. Like millions of other juvenile shoplifters I started out in the bulk candy aisle. 

  3. The guy Miser’s girlfriend was cheating on him with went from Leisure Suit Larry to Larry King by the end of the podcast.
  4. Just listening to the Miser podcast. The guy who thinks Axl is an alien needs to ask himself if Axl were really an Alien, why would he copy John Travolta’s haircut from Battlefield Earth? “He acts like Christian Grey, if Christian Grey were a complete psycho who stabs people.” - Miser The above quote is in reference to the guy Miser’s ex cheated on him with. It is also a 100 million dollar idea for a movie based on the book.
  5. Shreddie and Raisins. Ron Thal and two brothas from Brooklyn, MoBass and MoChedda, conjure up a vomitous mix of neo soul and non melodic shredding interspersed with sick sabre-tooth tiger noises.
  6. Pitman sells Rick a flash drive and then relocates to South America where he reinvents himself as a Synth Shaman, macrodosing rich American tourists with black frog venom.
  7. Guns N’ Roses prove that the street of dreams is paved with pepperoni and cheese.
  8. I hope they delete the gay hospital sound effects on the 30th Anniversary edition.
  9. Tuesday’s gone with the wind. Albums come out on Friday now. Friday is pizza night at Casa Rose. That is one slice for you and two for me.
  10. Tiffany is the Britney Spears to Debbie Gibson’s Christina Aguilera.
  11. The kids seem to love the energy that GNR’s music has. Music don’t have that kind of energy no more for the most part.
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