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  1. You could be a banker by birth anyway llolz yes I'll make sure you will be quoted once a day this year if it makes you mad then... says the guy who got angry because i mentioned him
  2. I'm gonna multi quote you on a daily basis from now on hope you're happy now you couldn't do anthing about it, even if you put me on ignore lol
  3. I quote you some more, banker Go ahead and completely edit your posts, again it was a great trick on forums in 2001
  4. says the guy who took the time and effort to dig up my posts where i mention his sorry ass
  5. @fat slash are you a banker? Besmirch is an interesting word...mostly bankers use it, same with shmuck LMFAO YOURE A FUCKING BANKER
  6. Lots more? Then who is the stalker and who is obsessed? It's not against the rules to mention you, MR. Knowitall Deal with it. You couldn't do anything about it Let the hate flow through you some more then
  7. Jezus Christ you've started editing your posts, that's pathetic You really think you're a clever person, are you? edgy as fuck now go and drink some more
  8. that's one post lol and it was adequate to the topic at hand You're at an illustrious company, i'd say lol It took you a LOT of time to find that post lol I'm glad you've spent the time to actually back up your claims. Still it was one fucking post. YOU told that when you were arguing with Miser on the Covid thread or some shit... Who is everyone? I mean you could throw that shit out, but it would'nt mean you're right anyway I think (in the long term, mind you) people who defended Axl or sided with him over the CD years were idiots. Yes, that's including you. People who had or have a hard on for Slash, because in reality the whole world think Axl is the bigger joke between the two. That's just hte cold harsh truth. Doesn'tm atter how shit Slash became since then. Axl will always be the bigger failure since he carried on with the bandname. I think that settles it. You also did the same about me, but i'm not a little bitch to point that out, but since you really wanna go there, bro... You actually proved my point, because you tooik the time and effort to stalk my posting history, you fool Tbh, he also become a shadow of his former self these days and he also could have been an example of that ominous post you took the time and effort to quote (after i've repeteadly asked you to provide a source for your claims though) He could have been on that list, if not for his glorious Axl fatposting days. But he never had a hard on for Slash as much as you do I've ruined his thread and he begged JB to delete the thread and his account lol
  9. I mean we could go on and on and when i ask you to provide examples or even straight refuting your accusations and you come up with a "wow" that's alone speaks for itself i don't really have time for your bullshit anyway. You're either drunk or high as you've mentioned in the rona thread so... have a good day
  10. Where? post examples Like you? What does it got to do with me? Deny what?
  11. Plus it doesn't help that GNR's fanbase aren't really calling out Axl or even SLash being shit
  12. They haven't done that since 1989-90... That's why the band got fucked even way back when the UYI's were recorded At this point, Axl is as professional as Vince Meal Axl only rehearsed with AC/DC and their performances were instantly better Axl shouldn't be a band leader at this point. He needs someone like Angus (who is respected by him, unlike Slash and Duff) to make Axl give the slightest shit about the performances Axl is as unprofessional and embarassing as it gets
  13. how am i sensitive? I talk shit about Slash on a regular basis How come you only pop up when i'm arguing in a topic with multiple people? (and not even about Splosh, the topic became a Manson topic very quickly) Sus The only one who is tracking stats about other people is you I mean you talk awfully lot about other posters, about why they are "sensitive" about something and the way they post etc... I've also goofing on Slash and not even for fun. He became fat and shit What are you talking about? Lol bait Gunner was so offended about people derailing his bait topic he wanted JB to delete this thread and ban his account lol I see you have some sort of.... agenda You have some sort of a hard on for me For years... it's unhealthy Lately you said you offer me a "truce" I lol'd but liked your post then What gives? and @my name is bacdi that was a sad like
  14. I still haven't been able to listen to the latest Slash records fully, because i can't stand that fuckhead on the vocals... Atrocious boring poseur voice, terrible Every even remotely good guitar part/song got ruined by his shitty generic pop voice and this guy almost got an invitation to a Zeppelin "reunion" with Page... Unreal
  15. This forum is full of frustrated people, sad

  16. because you're still post about it and arguing for the sake of arguing here.. if you don't care then stop replying, don't be a fucking ragnar and waste my time
  17. so you only talk about anything if you were there? weak then why discuss it in the first place? if you don't want to discuss it, then why post about it?
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