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  1. you really think this shit would stick, don't you? We already have a gypsy and it isn't me or one might think you would want support from Gunner ,because he also likes Axl more than Slash and he and maynard started the gypsy thing which eventually sticked Good luck with that, i'm not getting that bait How about adressing my summary then? You only adress something when it fits your agenda, which is the very definition of losing an argument Sad
  2. I think the difference between 90's Slash interviews and nowadays Slash: - Slash in the 90's lied to look cool. Or he legitimately thought that would happen lol (in which case he was a retard, because according to Axl, Slash hasn't done anything with the band since 1995 April and Axl rejected his songs, that's why Snakepit was born) -Slash lies now for damage control/PR purposes. it's a million dollar meal ticket. All of us would have lied too. (if we accept to be in GNR in it's current form) and yeah, contracts....everybody does what their contracts said: SlushMuff: doing interviews where they are basically saying nothing interesting or just being vague all the time and saying the same thing previous hired hands did Axl: being on the stage on time, no late shows, no real long winded rants, no nothing Axl and Slash will never give an interview together, but that being said, i cannot even remember the last time i saw them together doing an interview, maybe in 87 or 88 so wanting them to do an interview together is pointless, imho. Axl only did it with Duff but mainly he spoke anyway
  3. Nope, because bands tend to release videos in a lyrical form these days There are no big budget music videos anymore Plus the song sucks on the long term and even sucked more than the previous version (which also wasn't a big song either)
  4. nah let's do a summary - You have a hard on for me for YEARS YEARS bro. Actual years, you keep tracking me whenever i've posted/mentioned you - You offered me a "truce", remember? - I called you a liar, because you're a well known shit-stirrer and a poor troll plus what you stated is factually false, because i don't mention you all the time, everywhere on this forum, just maybe here and there once or twice. and i'm completely free and able to do so...you couldn't do anything about it, besides asking me in a normal way not to, then i'd have considered it... You also stated that i love Slash etc. where in reality i constantly criticised him on a regular basis. But i don't like AXL FANS. Fans like you. Fans who were defended Axl and after Axl proved you wrong because you put your faith in him, you tried to downplay it as "it was for the lulz fro trolling the SLush fanz" -I haven't even posted in your threads as far as i can remember and if i do, i was on topic or replying to someone else -I barely interacted with you, basically ignored you and your posts most of the time -Yet you still had the nerve to mention me, which i let slide at that time -Now that time is done Game on, bitch I wrote this as i find it hilarious that you went mad because some fucker on a GNR forum mentioned your username
  5. therefore if that's all that left in your tank, i'll probably opt out from this very important discussion, because it's boring You're like Axl: fat and shit and boring You could even troll as much as you did in your heydays
  6. Sorry to burst your bubble but i'm probably older than you If you still go to college after the age of 26-27 i have bad news for you... No matter how "smart" you become, you already fucked up your life, bro at least it's not gender studies, kudos for that
  7. So you're still on school? What will be your profession then? How old are you even?
  8. Foreskin intact or not? Important question It determines if you're a banker or not unless you have phimosis
  9. Instead of being a coward just anwser the question Think it as locker room talk
  10. @fat slash why are you so fascinated by drugs to become a regular on a drug forum and constantly talking about how Benzos affecting that shitstain Miser?
  11. and i'm having gravy later I've never tried meth You on the other hand... you browse drug forums Gee i wonder why...
  12. You lost your right to call anyone out on a meltdown the minute you've got mad because i've mentioned you in a few posts/occasions Precipitated is not a banker word, but you and your ilk assimilated enough i suppose
  13. You are also editing your posts ..... and i'm typing fast while eating a burger, i'm having fun actually
  14. I'm stalking you with this post Make sure you quote me God, this is so tiring, it's like arguing with an idiot form 2001
  15. You also likes to follow me around and tell people that how am i in love with Slash (despite the fact that i've legitimately criticised the fucker more than your cheap ass trolling attempts to BESMIRCH him...) how am i a former (banned?) member etc. So quit your high horse, you alcoholic piece of shit
  16. I"ve only quoted you here in a shit thread, because i don't want to spam the entire forum You're not that important to me, though
  17. You're obsessed with Slash dude, it's not healthy maybe because he is SAUL HUDSON? Thats why you want to BESMIRCH him? Because he is your mate by birthright?
  18. I'm currently stalking you as we speak In fact i even mentioned you in a PM I didn't even posted in any of your threads lately You also didn't really make new threads and if you do, it's mostly about Slash or a poor attempt at other trolling
  19. I didn't stalk you in the past, NOW i'm gonna stalk your ass for a year Be prepared
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