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  1. I saw the actual video months before... the girl is a regular
  2. I've always said it: CD is the only GNR worthy track on the whole record...(i'm not talking about Axl's best screams in other songs and parts on the album, just as a song) It has that....kind of feel It's simple, yet, in your face and punching It has the most "edgy" lyrics It's a rocker. it's not about Axl's formerly beaten gold digger sweethearts. I prefer the short version without the long ass intro though Axl intro scream was the closest of WTTJ on the record... Easily my "go to song" if i ever be "brave" enough to show somebody what Axl did after his prime period Josh Freese is a great songwriter lol
  3. Forums have constitutions?
  4. "STEEAAAK TARTAREEE it's just a mile away" *Slash barfs appreciatively
  5. I thought that all of these big name celebrities got vaxxed by the time regular plebs wouldn't even have a promise for a vaccine, only health care workers and politicians etc.
  6. This is basically what happened imho In 1987, (at least until the WTTJ video which basically describes their "transformation from a regular hair band to what they were really, a hard rock band) they'd be hair metal, but even Axl acknowledged it around 1988 that " people says it's a glam band, it's a hair band, it's a heavy metal band blablabla.... fuck that shit... it doesn't matter if my hair is up or down...." and the audience LOVED him for finally setting the record straight... GNR just had the talent to have fans amongst almost every section of rock fans. That's why they were legit good for a few years As soon as the Dolphins and big budget videos came in around 92 (or after those last 1991 shows in the MSG) they were basically FUCKED and became a laughing stock, imho. Also by that time, grunge was on But people would still buy tickets, because they were THAT good End of story
  7. what it was played in every show in 1985 and it was played for the last time in 1987 Also, they had alternate lyrics for that song, for a looong time Probably throwed in as a filler and to please the hair audience Besides, Axl has some cool screams at the end and Slash has a good solo there plus an excuse to use the talkbox (which is the definition of cheese but ohwell) Remember, SOYL came out as a single very recently, but the song is also from the HR days and it was played on the very first GNR gigs. With AG...
  8. well, it was probably true in the late 90's or whatever but GNR is your average soccermom band these days To be honest, it's fucking embarassing to call yourself a fan these days
  9. Just like....almost literally every other edgy guitar out there? lol Also Gretsch is one of the shittiest companies ever, their guitars suck ass mostly
  10. whats the story with the azamat and lelo names? Lelo sounds like a portuguese name, Azamat sounds like whatever part of the world Ragnar coming from... Also, Azamat sounds metal as fuck, Lelo sounds like a boy band so, what's the deal? what's origin of this joke?
  11. So it looked like....wait for it....just wait.... houses? this actually looks cool though but you also live in a place where a LOT of shitholes exist
  12. Based I haven't heard about Monster Magnet until around 1996, but really got into them with the Powertrip album lol Kyuss is one of the most over-looked bands from the 90's, imho
  13. i'm more interested in full audio recordings of the 1985 shows
  14. whoa whoa whoa the "between her" part got me excited then the toes... Oh my goodness That's the first step for licking something other than her toes... it's a newly developing fetish
  15. have more integrity than all of these washed up bands and rockstars
  16. *proceeds to violently rubbing dogshit in the eye Btw this song is better than Axl's and Slash work post UYI's
  17. Quite possibly the only actor in Pulp Fiction who wasn't famous and never become famous after the movie Oh and the gimp, but that was probably Duff in a cameo
  18. Cats and dogs both would eat your remains if you happen to decompose in an apartment. Does that qualify as a tie between the two species? Also I'd rather have a shit ridden dog lick on my face than having cats very own bioweapon ruin my senses (aka toxoplasmosis which every cat shit contains)
  19. Tobias/Weber (might be even Tracci Guns) have charted songs decades after their departure Bumblefoot and Ashba (with GNR) have NONE
  20. properly trained dogs also bury their shit also " Not the dogs fault but lazy owners." yeah cool still there are millions of other examples with dogs
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