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  1. -Hey man, have you got the email with the tour dates yet? - no man, but it'll be there next month - cool -anyway wanna come down and lay some parts or work some of my songs?- (- No no no, Duffo, you cannotto como to Slusha, no, no, only record with my Axl - uhm, okay-) - sorry man, i can't, but you have to just keep doing what cho doin', you know - hmm, okay, i guess *Both of them go back to count their share from the loot and living their life
  2. Village has 2001 recordings in it Bucket was doing his own thing by 2003 and never came back for the 2004 RIR (remember fatshit axl's letter blaming everything on bucket?) As for the leaks helping songs getting released: most definitely, that was the case even in 2006 and probably the tracklist we've got on the final album was picked mostly from the previous leaks Besides, none of those 2 songs are unheard by any means, we've got HS in a snippet from for decades not to mention Shitworms which was already been performed I'd count it as new music for sure, but in reality, they still haven't released anything COMPLETELY new or unheard...
  3. So you'll tap out because you think you'll never hear a once upon a time studio bands leftover material? Joke was on you all along, lol (you already heard what you've wanted probably on the Village leaks but hey what do i know...) Frank is a nobody as far as drumming goes, zero originality or real groove I just want this CD era "shadowband big guns" myth to go away because there is NOTHING ELSE out there, you already heard the Bucketfinck stuff in the Village leaks I'm more interested in the mid 90's tapes/DAT's though Oh and i prefer Josh Freese, he is an industry professional session drummer and he is much mroe talented than Brain ever was in his life, Brain just played what Freese played basically anyway (plus he wrote the CD intro riff lol)
  4. Haven't seen this thread because of the recent influx of shitty threads So it's basically the most "honest" answer Slash ever gave since the fatunion, telling what we already know btw, except the fact that he specifically referred to writing songs from the scratch It's the CD era again, from 2002 onwards.... Can't wait until 4tus sort of confirms this shit, then another year of fat touring happens then nothing again.... Fernando will say: but you have two songs in the last few years, what more do you want? The Gravy train never stops until Axl drops and it seems Caram will stay with us....
  5. either you are 1. a teenage girl 2. a teenage soyboy 3. or you just.....gay Only degenerates like anime cartoons btw
  6. At this point, i'm only coming here for the auad girlposting and the reckless life section
    fatshit band, fatshit period in forum life

  7. Because there is no money in it and most of the GNR fanbase are still willing to pay top dollar for the same show every 2-3 years PLus maybe because Axl can't sing his own songs anymore shit thread
  8. how can you "dumb down" unfinished and unmastered demos which almost certainly having 20 year old vocal takes plus some wanking in pro tools? Axl's vision is a failure on it's own, regardless of the Slaush and Muff, deal with it
  9. we already heard it, it's the village leaks, there is almost nothing else out there, imho (Bucket has fucked off shortly after the 02 tour and i doubt the "band" or Axl did anything until 2005-06)
  10. you should know, you're the expert on wrath, curses and RAGE
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