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  1. did this so called Gio pulled you out in the past or what? At least we know their security is also fat as fuck lol
  2. what the fuck does that even mean No need for code language, this band is a joke and soon it will be all over... So the hoarders needs to keep moving
  3. Well, in clownzy logic, it's perfectly logical to pull out the plug when the actual tour kicks in and they might be "playing a new song" ... plus he cannot cover forum costs, so there is hope he might sell it some day and the new owner ban his ass lol But i think he would rather die than to give up any "power" he had....
  4. true, but there were articles were they called out of his "phoning in" attitude Big news outlets will never write actual reviews, just PR clickbaits anyway It's still unreal, how he get away with all this shit, plus woke people never pull out the OIAM fiasco or the wife beatings.... It's official: Slush and Muff saved his ass remember when people said Axl saved them? Axl running the show? fucking lol oh and to ritz snare: yes, Slush is fat and he also made a ton of mistakes, but no one, not even Adler comes close of how much of a clusterfuck Axl really is It's a bad fucking joke at this point Pray for retirement, because there is no way they could tour with anything new at this level or pray for Axl kicking in the bucket, because his dead body will still be warm, when TB securing deals for a posthumous releases
  5. the tour sells itself, the "management" is incompetent as fuck even had a QR code on screen which leads you to "exclusive limited sales" on merch, i'm not joking, TB are at this level now... They knew it's over for Axl so they are milking every last drop
  6. they are basically "shortened" the setlist and slowed down songs, obviously extending the jams to save Axl.... this is it for him it's sad
  7. This is Vince meal tier, even Slash is shit, Axl skipped lines/lyrics from songs, randomly slowing/speeding the songs, Duff pulled out an shitty I Wanna Be Your Dog cover, complete and utter disaster plus HS won't be played (they are doing CW as we speak) FAT SHIT I mean this is it for Axl, terrible.
  8. He mickey'd everything else and CD wasn't that great The only good thing tonight so far was the Rumble jam by Slash, otherwise this is a disaster
  9. Fuckin hell http://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/joey-jordison-slipknot-dead-1203167/ If i wanna bet, i'd bet on overdose or an undisclosed illness Joey was the best (metal) drummer in the world from 1999 until 2004ish
  10. Speak for yourself, hairline boy with closeted homosexual fantasies...
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