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  1. It really picks up 20 minutes in. Very vulgar and funny.
  2. Give it 25 minutes then it kicks in
  3. Episode 2 controversy creates cash Just finished recording. Big thanks to Dadud and Towel.
  4. The guy who motivated me to do it. Miser blames you for his post lol.
  5. Please dear god ! SALAMI MANIA
  6. Lol RussTcb no mod job for you. Ps Brasky Fatcast is coming
  7. Yes that sounds amazing. The josh / miser super show is in the works.
  8. It would be a honor sir. Secondly sorry for my sound on the miser interview. I've fixed it.
  9. http://fataxl.online/@fatcastwithbillbrasky/episodes/trailer A quick trailer where i don't sound like shit. But the opportunity to have a honest get to know you. 30 minutes in we learn to hate larry.
  10. http://fataxl.online/@fatcastwithbillbrasky/episodes/the-one-with-miser First ground breaking episode. Starring Miser
  11. Lol RussTcb there where 40 people including the guy at the show that will tell you. I asked the guy to request state of grace and he did. Bbf left immediately. Lol eat shit covered peckass
  12. I can't believe my lucky shit post worked
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