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    Bob Ross paintings , Fresh dark roast coffee beans.

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  1. Tom please help. I failed my audience with a shit live fatcast. I need a big celebrity get like yourself to make it up to audiences.
  2. Yes and deleted It was a train wreck I'm sorry guys Thank you all for listening The next fatcast will be great
  3. Live http://www.twitch.tv/braskyfatcast?sr=a
  4. The fuck ? Gentlemen live show 6:30 est tonight !
  5. In the past Perhaps i was wrong On somethings. But that because i didn't see you Hey you say brasky i dont believe you Hey shit posters I wanna know how it feels What it is to be you. I've been so upset Harbouring this hate for days.
  6. http://media.discordapp.net/attachments/653184182419324929/870757608091447346/yt57wwd5-0-Enhanced-Animated.mp4 From frans
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