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  1. Upcoming guest Auad , JB , Frans , TM Wasted is busy for the next month but will be back. It seems ET has taken 2nd mic back.......
  2. Brand new  fatcast out now

  3. Having ET return to the show and computer miser. Sometimes it's worth the wait.
  4. Greatness and lulz were accomplished Currently in post production Episode 21: When Vincent Vega met Skynet. The Return of ET with breaking Jap Whore Newz ! Also the debut of this weeks guest Computer Miser. 10/16/21
  5. I like his music. Polk salad annie rules , suspicious minds , burning love , can't help falling in love fucking rock.
  6. Yeah yeah We all stole music from the cavemen in that argument.
  7. Only beta soy boys think Elvis wasn't the man at anytime. Fat elvis fucked whores and shot a tv. He chuggs coke a cola and hits notes no singer could.
  8. please reply if you would like to be a future guest.
  9. Before he rejoined soundgarden and after leaving Audioslave. He should've been Scott's replacement and put out a album. Chirs Cornell was the perfect singer for Velvet Revolver.
  10. Return to fatcast  when ?????

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