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  1. I was just looking at it the other day and it reminded me of myself, the young man is writing frantically, but the old man just sits and thinks.
  2. Yes, so it doesn't make sense that the record company wouldn't want to release music made by a "legendary", "iconic" rock band when literally everyone else puts out albums.
  3. So many other bands, and members of this band, have no problem releasing albums from their shit solo projects.
  4. The wildside version is new standard of excellence for crash diet
  5. Hey yo, where's Bacardi?

    1. my name is bacdi

      my name is bacdi

      lost in shitspace

      lol whats up

  6. I think Alex Ross has a "larger" game plan, to resurrect rock by only leaking tracks for other artists to cover.
  7. Oh, is the beginning of the reformation of new Guns? I can't believe Slash actually said that. He must really want to make a great album and is forcing Axl's hand.
  8. The beer is an "Ale brewed with hibiscus and prickly pear". the same ingredients of the band itself. and has been described by experts as “A super-light beer with a faint berry-like character that has drinkability for a hot day.” Like the song "Sweet child O' mine".
  9. Axl is illuminati confirmed. Look at how quickly he jumped after he was told to do it, along with many others. This was the cover song to do after Cornell died
  10. Axl sounds pretty good here, especially on the last verse. Slash makes the song better.
  11. It is impressive how he's built a cult. Chinese democracy indeed
  12. It's so easy and out to get me Double talkin’ jive and pretty tied up (demo)
  13. Absolutely. Although My Axl impression has morphed into a Peter Griffin impersonating Axl impression
  14. Ha! That was a very mighty wind These guys should join up with bumblefoot.
  15. Keep em coming, Duff! Your star never fades Here's the latest single
  16. Do we know who actually played on the track? Is it a Warner Bros song?
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