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  1. This is one of those rare moments where you and Gunner PT agree on something lol
  2. I don't think so that is possible now, his fat belly would come in the way.
  3. Will @wastedsign it for free? Last time I checked he was even charging to send Happy Birthday video messages to people. Don't be so cheap Charlie.
  4. and plays in a band where the drummer cannot play and the singer cannot sing.
  5. Please don't be partial to Gilby Cuck, he is important too.
  6. Słash

    HS vs TIL

    All I see is pictures, send me the videos too!
  7. It would be better if Slash and Duff hire Steven Adler's singer, he sounds more Axl Rose than this Fat man does.
  8. @MacDaddyRose wrote better lyrics to Fat Skool than Alex.
  9. Now it's time for @auad to release his Sex tape also.
  10. Did Axl say Hey I am @Pappa FAT and this is my new song FAT SKOOL!
  11. Well Charlie, they din't even care to invite you for the finale of Two and a Half men.
  12. So finally they released Fat Skool, is it me or the mixing sounds pretty bad? The tone of Slash's slow solo sounds pretty meh. They really need to get Jizzy Stradlin back as their song writer.
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