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  1. Everything was great and it was very informative. It’s always good to learn about new things even if they are weird, everyone’s life is different and have different experiences. Looking forward to hear more with more great members.
  2. I missed posts of Gobbling Cock by auad (I don't know why, but I pronounce your name as OOAAD)
  3. Come on Papa Fat! you need to hire a Beta to wipe your ass.
  4. Happy Birthday Auad! I hope you have a wonderful life ahead of you, my best wishes to you.
  5. Now we need @wasted to come back on TV and do a show like Two and a half men again, he was ok in Anger Management too.
  6. If me and @wheresizzy were a part of the album then we could have helped but that Fat Axl was interested in bringing in clowns.
  7. Charlie Sheen is always here. 

  8. For how much do you sell your autographed pictures for?
  9. Charlie, lets meet up for New Years eve and we will party with some tiger blood!
  10. You know times have been hard, blame FAT AXL for this relapse, been sending him so many ideas and pushing him to release a new album but that FAT BASTARD only wants food and want his nanny to take care of him.
  11. @wasted do you remember these times when we used to be neighbours.
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