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  1. I like it hit the school bell is sooooooo tacky agree too….leak was angrier
  2. Does anyone have that spoof of hitler talking about the album and leaks?
  3. If the world just came on in my car. The song sucks
  4. I like the Ilusions more than appetite. I only say that because I’m more inclined to listen to songs from those albums when I listen to GNR. I never listen to CD anymore.
  5. Disagree. Love the outro vocals with slash’s guitar
  6. Dustin must be on vacation. We’re due for a new one
  7. Yeah I just watched it. Searching for it is how I found this thread again.
  8. Great thread….still waiting on the PowerPoint
  9. I always had a soft spot for silk worms. I think it would be better without “absurd” 500x. However, Slash is killer on it. You can also hear Duff which is great since there is zero bass on the CD songs.
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