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  1. Aside from her backing vocals, she's basically unnoticeable.
  2. It's the kind of thing rappers and pop stars do to milk their fanbase - release one song, press "limited edition" physicals and cheap t-shirts, and collect money from autistic fans.
  3. Slash should do another album with guest singers, or more "weird" stuff like the Universal Monsters soundtrack. A blues album/EP would be interesting, even if it's mostly instrumental stuff. SMKC has run its course and should be retired. After their last album, I expected this album to be dull and generic but these singles have been even worse than I imagined.
  4. The solo on Perhaps sounds more like The Blues than it does Catcher.
  5. Why would Brian have to be taught the chords? Because he'd never heard the song before, you dumbass. If Brian or someone from those sessions confirms that Perhaps was the other song, I'll be surprised, but I'll admit I'm wrong. Til then, I'm gonna assume it's Robin on Perhaps.
  6. Silkworms > Absurd. Silkworms is still a bottom-tier GNR song but Absurd is a complete clusterfuck. Slash sounds fine on the Hardschool single. He didn't turn it into some great song, but it's not bad. The drums were the low point of the single tbh, they're so simplified compared to the demo and don't drive the song at all.
  7. Even without Tommy mentioning that Brian played on Rhiad, the solo on Perhaps does sound more like Robin. I guess there's no way to know for sure, but I don't know why people keep insisting Brian plays on Perhaps when it's been clarified, by the guy who taught Brian the chords, that Rhiad was the 3rd song.
  8. It's kinda like Lies 2 in that it's got studio and live songs (I know LLAS wasn't actually live) but Absurd and Hardschool are the complete opposite of the Lies songs in sound, quality and recording method. Wichita Lineman has been one of the better songs in their set for the last few years, and it's just a simple acoustic song that they all sound pretty good on. Axl could sing in his natural voice and Slash wouldn't have as many opportunities to randomly noodle through the solos.
  9. Kinda depends what it is. If it's Axl sounding just as bad as Myles over bland SMKC riffs, then I'm not interested. I'd definitely prefer re-hashed CD leftovers over that. If they got Izzy back and wrote a full-length acoustic record like Lies? Fuck yea. Maybe throw Wichita Lineman and 1 or 2 Duff songs in there to extend the album a bit, but even just a few mellow acoustic tunes would be better than any copy/paste album that Caram could put together.
  10. I'm kind of expecting them to hype the Hard Skool vinyl/EP leading up to the next tour, and then not even attempt it live. Absurd will be the only new song they continue playing regularly, because Axl can just shout the lyrics. Maybe they'll play Hard Skool a couple times near the end of the tour, so they'll have a live recording to tack onto whatever the next "EP" is.
  11. Yea, they do look like 12". But hey, you also get a Nightrain pin (only one though, unless you want to spend an extra $45) and a sticker.
  12. It's not even a 12" single, it's just a different version of the 7" single with an extra track
  13. The solo on Perhaps sounds more like Robin to me. I think the original quote from Brian May was that he played on "2.5 or 3 songs", the "half" part was probably just some rhythm parts on Rhiad, as opposed to the lead parts on Atlas and Catcher.
  14. No, it's likely Robin. Atlas, Catcher and Rhiad were the songs he did.
  15. Pele's repetitiveness is a bit annoying but it's entertaining seeing people get worked up over his posts. Half the people there want him banned ffs
  16. No, Perhaps is piano-driven and has a cool solo from Robin. SOG is rougher and kinda has an 'industrial' vibe that people described CD songs as having in the late 90s.
  17. They'll spend most of the year promoting Ain't Goin' Down and the UYI box set.
  18. Hasn't it been known since it was released that DJ played on that album? Obviously it was written/produced by Sixx AM, but I'm sure there were at least "rumors" at the time that DJ played on it.
  19. I like Wichita Lineman, it's a simple country song that sounds alright with this lineup. Throw in You Ain't The First and Patience and there's the "UYI anniversary" acoustic set. Axl could (probably) still sing stuff like Marseilles and Down On The Farm if they're gonna add covers. Maybe backing vocals on Raw Power too. So Fine would be good for some laughs. I heard some performances of You're Crazy that were what you'd expect from 2021 Axl, and some that were surprisingly decent. Not as good as 2010 or anything but definitely passable for NITL. I think he'd sound passable on stuff like Bad Obsession.
  20. They could honestly still do a pretty good 2 hour show, Axl's natural voice on songs like Wichita Lineman and You're Crazy is still decent, but it wouldn't be the greatest-hits show that fills the seats. A smaller venue tour playing mostly deep cuts and covers would be cool. But he'll keep "singing" YCBM, Better, Jungle, etc. until he retires, unfortunately.
  21. He was skipping lines in YCBM (and maybe a couple others?) until the 5th or 6th show of the tour I think. It was Vince Meal levels of shit. I assume this year it will take 8-10 shows before he's able to wheeze his way through the whole song.
  22. Does it count as improving as the tour progresses if the first show is the worst he's ever sounded and the last show is just normal levels of shit? Credit where it's due, he looked better last year than he had in the few years before that (stupid haircut aside).
  23. GNR's day also has Dirty Honey, but the last day has The Struts and Radkey, so I'd probably go to the last day. But, if I could get a cheap ticket for $20~ I'd be tempted to go see GNR butcher Hardschool... bring a few joints and get some laughs out of Absurd and whatever inevitable disasters the first gig will bring.
  24. It's called quantizing the drums, they take the recording and put it in a "grid" so every beat is in perfect time. At some point, artists became convinced that without quantizing the drums, their songs wouldn't sound "right". But that's just not true for rock music, and when you have guys like Brain or Josh Freese behind the kit, it's a ridiculous decision to not use their feel/style. The drums on Absurd and Hard Skool have been so heavily edited that they sound even more compressed and robotic than the drums on UYI. This is a good video about it.
  25. Canada through South America 2010 was the peak of NuGNR as a touring band.
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