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  1. The last time he really made us say 'damn, he's still got it'. It's been a steep decline since those AC/DC shows, but he stepped up to the challenge and fuckin' killed it. The guy was really on top of the 'rock world' again for a moment, with the hype around the AC/DC shows and GNR reunion, and he brought an intensity we hadn't seen since 2010.
  2. Yea those aren't their best songs but they're fine for what they are... short, fast paced rockers. I like the outro on Hardschool but the intro feels too long... maybe it's because I heard the Checkmate clip so many times but a shorter intro that kicks right into the drum roll would be cool.
  3. Hardschool isn't as good as the AFD stuff either. Nothing they write will be. I guess I'd prefer they trim the fat, instead of either keeping the meandering middle section or having Axl write more lyrics. A big issue with CD was that the songs try to be more 'epic' than they really are, with long intros and extended solos and too many overdubs... Hardschool would benefit from the opposite approach. Just strip it down to a short rocker with a nice Slash solo. But yea, it doesn't matter... we know this band won't do shit but we come here to talk about entertaining stuff
  4. Perfect Crime is under 2.5 mins and Garden of Eden is under 3, Reckless Life isn't much longer than 3 mins... I think since there's only like 16 lines of verse lyrics and the rest is all chorus/solo it would work better as a fast paced 3-min rocker.
  5. "Since I'm posting schmaltzy personal stuff... re: last week's storyteller tour sudden cancellation: I took on too much too soon coming out of the gate. Immune system not used to contact with so many people, day after 4/24 show tonsils were all swollen and could barely speak, vocal cords swollen, throat and sinuses all scratchy, was still feeling beaten down by 4/28 show - the 4/28 travel kicked my ass lugging gear around from early morning, back and neck throbbing (10yr old spine injury, makes this stuff extra difficult), same throat
  6. Hardschool would be a good song if they cut it down to 2.5-3 mins. Shorten the intro and get rid of the breakdown part in the middle, and you've got a decent hard rocker. Perhaps just needs a second verse and proper mixing. State Of Grace has potential to be great, if Axl replaced some vocals and added some Buckethead. Zodiac, Dummy, Soul Monster, Circus Maximus and Oklahoma are all good instrumentals.
  7. The 2000-2001 version could've got some radio play, but I hate to think of how much unnecessary shit was added to it by 2008... just imagine Bumblefoot replacing that solo. I'm glad we got the early version of it.
  8. Axl claimed those were the songs they could 'get through the labels red tape'... basically, the leaks are the reason we got that tracklist.
  9. Atlas is good, but it was way overhyped. Whoever described it as glam rock meets November Rain was way off. Brian May plays great on it tho, it would've been cool if he and Axl had done more songs together.
  10. I'm 28, and I graduated high school in 2011. Melissa graduated in 2001, so she's about 38.
  11. It's their best song, or at the very least it's in the top 3. Yes the overdubs are excessive, and the first 2/3 of the song is good, but the last 1/3 is fucking great. That's peak Axl and Slash right there. GNR have some great song endings but none of them are better than the last verse in Coma. One of the coolest moments I've had at a concert was when they played it at the first Vegas 2016 show. I was talking with the guy beside me before the show and we were both hoping they'd play it, and we rocked the fuck out during that song, it was a great time
  12. If they ever do release an album I'm guessing there will be at least 2 Duff songs and 1 cover, so they can say they play several new songs per show but Axl will only sing a few of them, and they can finally call The Seeker a new song again. Kinda like how they 'play for 3 hours' but probably 45 minutes of that is excessive soloing or unnecessary shit.
  13. ...those are the correct lyrics 'Things' in the first verse, 'women' in the second verse.
  14. The first 3 songs were good and the last 3 songs were ok.
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