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  1. Brilliant! Congrats everybody
  2. I won't listen to any leaks this time
  3. I still listen to Better, ITW, TWAT and Prostitute quite often. But I'm sure that If I had played any other album I love as many times as I do/did with Chinese (including leaks, live performances...), I'd be also tired of it .
  4. It'll come back. He started 2006 and 2009 a bit slow too. And fans from this and other boards who saw GN'R this year said that Axl's voice wasn't bad at all. Even BBA and TM praised him!
  5. 1. Guns N' Roses 2. David Bowie 3. Bob Dylan 4. Van Morrison 5. Pink Floyd 1. Prostitute / Paradise city 2. Absolute beginners / Ashes to ashes / Word on a wing 3. Mr Tambourine man / Hurricane / Black diamond bay 4. Cyprus Avenue / Queen of the Slipstream / Bright side of the road 5. Shine on you crazy diamond / Sheep / Wish you were here
  6. Another Nu GN'R show. As boring as the setlists are and the fact that they are doing covers and everything... saw twice Axl's band in 2010 and it was a fantastic experience, and I will happily attend to another one in July. The HOF thing, on the other hand... it was ok but nothing memorable. Slash is better than Nu GN'R's guitar players, Duff is better than Stinson, Adler than Frank... but Axl's still Axl.
  7. Have seen: God is an astronaut Will see: Bruce Springsteen in Barcelona (May), GN'R in Mallorca (July)
  8. One would think that if Axl really wanted to "move on" with the current band, he would have at least tried it. It's been 4 years since Chinese Democracy. He has got plenty of time, all 2009, all 2011, time between tours... For some reason I believe Axl's not dumb enough to put out CD II without at least a couple of tracks from GN'R2012, because that would bury them, but on the other hand, can anybody picture Axl going to the studio again and writing NEW lyrics for DJ's crappy rock songs? I can't.
  9. I think he doesn't release anything because he is just lazy. These Greatest Hits Tours are a lot more easy and pleasant for him than even thinking about putting out new music.
  10. At this point I'd take anything Axl is willing to release, but I'm a lot more interested in Chinese Democracy II and the rest of material from the Bucket/Brain/Finck era than in whatever the current line up can come up with. I don't even think Axl will ever write anything new with Ron and DJ, though I wouldn't complain if he did and release it before I die.
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