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  1. Nevermind. Glitch in the matrix. Mandala effect. I think I vaguely remember Johann now. Brain cells dying.
  2. I remember Michael Monroe listed for synth on the UYI liner notes for NR when I had the CD. Not sure what happened there?
  3. He was on Animal Planet in the late 90s talking about his snakes. I think he got rid of them once he had a family.
  4. You would have make a browser extension that works well enough to block it. Someone at mygnr did that one time IIRC.
  5. It was like a decade ago. All he said was something like "seems like fans are frustrated and want music which I understand" or something like that. It was one post and nothing to read into. I think it might be gone.
  6. Studio musicians can be "work-for-hire" so they get no real credit or royalties. If that happened it still might have been a better deal considering how bad the song did.
  7. Possibly. Do you see the necklace? I know I stole. them from that thread. Woosh.
  8. Something strange about that cross. And why is this one upside down????????????
  9. This is a good theory. I didn't think of it. I don't think his guitar fits the Hard Skool song very well but then I've heard the demo for years. I'm not sure what he saw it in.
  10. Slash could be the press secretary at the White House. He's pretty good at saying things diplomatically that are vague and close the story. Being asked GN'R questions years and years must have done that. The answers always disappointing.
  11. They are apple .MOV file type. If you getting on your phone it could be a security restriction or something disabled based on browser used. Works for me.
  12. Bad Apple / Crash Diet was Hungarian, no?
  13. Is Perhaps the same as State of Grace? I don't remember.
  14. I think around this time he has an interview where he talks about about putting together some nerdy Japanese figurine/toy. Always wondered if that had something to do with it.
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