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  1. It's a personal preference. I just don't like harmonicas. Some people have vests with 12 harmonica because they are each tuned to specific scales. Most people only have. Even when it's the right one it doesn't sound in tune to me.
  2. I like songs by the bands but I don't like them holistically. I like pop music and Nirvana had that. AiC never tried to be pop. I'll admit I used to hear this whining sound on promos for ABC's live show "In Concert" and that really annoyed me. Later found it was the beginning of Man in the Box. I like the song Again by them too but I don't think I can listen to them every day. Mad Season had some potential but I never really identified with AiC's music. The span of Grunge and Nirvana was relatively short. It was like end of 1991 to mid 1994. If you compare the start of the pandemic that means grunge would end June next year. I like his cover songs in retrospect but it's hard to guess what he would have come up with. Heart Shaped Box was the last remarkable thing I think he came up with. I really had a dislike for that song came out in 2000. I thought it was awful, nihilistic, commercialized and pretentiously celebrated. I really disliked Nirvana at that time although I remember liking them when they first came out.
  3. I think Don't Follow is a really great song. If they got rid of the harmonica and added a fitting bridge maybe it could have gone somewhere.
  4. Come As You Are was going to be a radio hit whether Poison was relevant or not. Before Grunge these were really just seen as alternative bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers which was already a big market. Some of the earliest performances of Nevermind in Europe were on pop shows. The view of these bands being "grunge" came well after bands like Pearl Jam were already big. GN'R may have made hair bands look silly but I don't think they get credit for Seattle bands being successful. That may have more to do with other bands just making better music with a visceral sound instead of building an image. MTV also would pump whatever was hot at the moment so some of the reason grunge was so big was purely artificial.
  5. Morgan Freeman is the only one of the top of my head although I can't think of a movie he has been in recently.
  6. "Sheila Kennedy is another woman featured in the documentary, speaking about an experience with Axl Rose in the late 1980s when she was 18. " I checked elsewhere and "Sheila Kennedy (born April 12, 1962) is a model and actress who was the December 1981 Penthouse Pet of the Month and the 1983 Pet of the Year. " Looks like they just edited that out from the web site.
  7. Hope there is more in the works. Always good to get practice.
  8. He wrote the back story to Steel Panther's Behind the Music.
  9. What about the lies they tell about beautiful people?
  10. Gunner should go on to prove he's not Skeeter.
  11. I regret making fun of him but I was pretty angry at the time. I think he did a good job with decisions he's made in his life. It's overlooked he helped make the reunion happen.
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