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  1. Miser should walk away from all that. Cold turkey.
  2. Auad, I think I know the correct answer. Taylor Swift - Lead Singer Kate Upton - Lead Guitar Lauren Cohan - Rhythm Guitar Alexandra Daddario - Drums None of your business - Bass
  3. I have tried Carbon and Idiocracy themes with a condensed window so I should have the same experience. Scroll to the top or bottom and click Home. Should see the other sections from there (if logged in).
  4. You have to be logged in to see the non-GN'R sections if that is what you mean but that is obvious so I assume you are experiencing something else. I assume you are on your phone.
  5. Troll vs Troll was also the subplot of Ernest Scared Stupid
  6. Tom Grant. More like Tom Take if you ask me. Hue Hue He.
  7. They make you post under your first and last name?
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