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  1. I like to think Izzy heard how axls voice fell off a fuckin cliff and is chuckling to himself in peace and quiet
  2. I've been thinking 'bout, thinking 'bout eggs Always hungry for something I haven't ate yet Maybe baby you got weight to lose I made these pancakes but not for you My weight, your weight, anything goes toniiiiight My weight, your weight, anything goes toniiiiight Panties round my knees Smell of shit on the breeze Doing that turd With a push and a squeeze Thrown up, fried down Shitting up the wall Get my Rubbermaid container I gotta shit it all My weight, your weight, anything goes toniiiiight My weight, your weight, anything goes toniiiiight
  3. As part of a greater release or distributed singularly?
  4. A sad thought: even if there was a new album waiting to be crapped out, he'd probably only have some licks, rhythmic doubling and overdubs and that'd be fucking it.
  5. Some are trying to do it, but the rest of those remotely interested in cancelling people have absolutely no idea who he is
  6. I wonder how much of my favourite Slash output was made possible by drugs.
  7. Gotta admit I'm still laughing at the YABBA DABBA DOO chorus
  8. I'd love to find the person here who did the fat lyrics for Atlas about Axl wiping his arse with his own hand. Whenever I sing along to it while driving I genuinely go by those lyrics instead every single time.
  9. Isn't The General about child/underage abuse... if it ever sees the light of day will it come with an apology
  10. Axl can I do illustrations for the booklet of the new album please
  11. Completely agree, if I was in charge I'd be selling every damn show and utterance as blu rays, downloads etc. Said this before, but would have had CD2 right out there with videosnfor singles made from live footage. Start NITL in 2016, singles in 17, album in 18 - add legitimacy to the thing.
  12. At least now we know whether Salsh was saving his best stuff for a new Guns album - there is no 'best stuff Also why does Myles sound like a black lesbian
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