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  1. Been hearing the same thing since 2009.... Ep in time for Christmas Full album the following summer Same thing every year
  2. I'm too lazy to look it up but what were all the b sides from the UYI singles? From what I faintly remember, the Don't Cry single had a demo version as a b side....Yesterdays had a live Yesterdays which I believe was used for Live Era....and Live And Let Die had a live LALD....
  3. Rock The Rock (The Vote) remix for the 2024 Biden re-election campaign
  4. auad's bitch fucking life > skeeter's fake bitch fucking life
  5. i hope there's video for this one with auad fucking some bitches
  6. They've done box sets now for their first 5 albums, remastered Garage Days and were going to release the No Life Til Leather demo until Mustaine blocked it. Any other band would have fucked off at the Mustaine block but they kept going. Next up is the Load/Reload box set (s). I know a lot of fans could give less than a fuck but anything past the Black Album intrigues me. Regardless, they do right by their fans
  7. I don't get this but maybe it's my personal preferences. A UYI box set would just be the albums "remastered". I've heard a thousand albums so called remastered and they're really not. I'd fully expect lazy GNR to market it as remastered when it wasnt. What else would be in the box? Me personally....I could give a shit about blu rays or live shit. No interest whatsover. Zero. I'd only be interested in unreleased songs. What do they have? Ain't Going Down....maybe a TSI song or 2 but who knows if those would even be included. Probably the Don't Cry demo that was a b side. Crash Diet? Nope. Not their song. Also, it sucks. Bring It Back Home? Ok Just Another Sunday? Lol Worst box set ever
  8. I bought that issue for the Britney bazzombas on the cover. One of the best investments I've ever made
  9. Fun fact: I love Meat Loaf, food and singer, and hate Alice In Chains
  10. I think he named a low tier well known pedo producer and charlie sheen
  11. I'm 6'1. What's my ideal body weight? 175 maybe? FUCK ME
  12. I'll guzzle literal snake oil to lose weight
  13. All kidding aside, I need one of these fucking things toot sweet
  14. They have back to back shows Sept 11-12. Good thing by that time, Axl's voice will be good since as we all know, his voice gets better as the tour progresses
  15. Fingers crossed for Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi doing background vocals on Rocket Queen
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