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  1. There's at least 6 GNR fan myths in this thread already...
  2. Sami just released a solo album. It's solid
  3. Yes. He was in the band when I saw them in Coney Island...I forget the year...maybe 2007?
  4. First 2 Crue albums are fantastic. They turned to shit right after that, album wise. They still knocked out some great tunes here and there. The Corabi album is ok. It gets praised to fuck but it's just ok. Dr Feelgood is fucking garbage. @Doctor Dom and I are big fans of the divisive Generation Swine... I loved the direction they tried on that album
  5. Too Fast For Love > AFD And no, I'm not off the wagon Or on the wagon That wagon shit confuses me
  6. Elvis > everyone else. Fuck all y'all
  7. Shame because his vocals were top notch up until that point šŸ™ƒ
  8. Sorum and Axl have the same faggot hairstyle these days
  9. Your Salami hamper will be ready on Sunday.

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