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  1. You're very quiet, what's the matter? got your tongue stuck up GG arsehole?

  2. In a few years it won't matter. Axl's voice will be completely shot and Slash can get Myles to tour with the HOF lineup - which would be better than current Fake GNR anyway.
  3. Ali would rather the children of third world countries starve to death than miss out on seeing Tommy Stinson pluck the bass to Brownstone.
  4. His current band is a collection of misfits who wear fast food boxes on their heads!!!
  5. @ Marc Slash states in 95/95 the band would show up to record a new album, and Axl rarely showed up if at all. When he did come he was often very late. Also, he was primarily speaking to Slash only through a third party. Do you agree? Is there any rationale for such standoffish behavior. At that point I might say shut up and sing myself...
  6. I can't decide if the red one is for flushing or cleaning. I think it provides a high pressured jet stream that acts as both massager and cleaner.
  7. I'm going to report each time you say you are going to report somebody (or when you do so) as it is an act of antagonizing that person, because you wouldn't report if it was posted by TM. You lost me Raffles .....but I will be careful
  8. If had moved on, he would have attended the HOF, instead of being a pussy and wimping out. It's not about the HOF itself, it's the fact that this was his chance to show the world that he had grown up and gotten past all the bullshit and stand there with the guys that buit the band into being what it was. But nope, he couldn't even do that. It's sad, and I feel sorry for him. You are 100% right. This wasn't about going against a bunch of suits who created a HOF - otherwise Axl would have not inducted Elton or performed at a previous HOF. Axl chickened out, and it was really sad.
  9. I plan on reporting Arnold anytime he mentions his penis from now on. Arnold, you penis posts are numbered there buddy.
  10. I have reported him a few times. And you wonder why you can't get laid?
  11. No we shouldn't ban 87TransAm, and if you antogonize him, I'll report you
  12. He has a cool toilet. He lets ugly web masters backstage. He puts on 3 hour shows.
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