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  1. Another fail. Shocker. Goat fucking fantasies again.......
  2. Shut the fuck up. you retard. Another one.
  3. Shut your pie hole, you rambling retard and go blow Azamat.
  4. Fagnard has jumped in to defend his fluffer.... Suck a chode.
  5. Too retarded for you own good, aren't you, Azamat ?
  6. Azamat is still unable to ignore me What the fuck are you even rambling on about, fuckwad ? you started throwing insults on the grounds of nationality so, now bottle it up and take it like a bitch you are. Time and time again, I'm not from Romania. The sooner you get it through your skull, the better it'll be for you. dweeb.....
  7. For someone who says he ignores me, you sure as shit, can't ignore me, Azamat, you drivelling cretin. Georgia > > > SHITTUGAL and this proves it. Lol, Rambling incoherently again. I'm not from Shitmania, moron. Projection much turdboy ? little Shithook robs grandmas and then accuses others of doing the same
  8. Lol, what a dunce. Learn to write properly, you semi-literate fuckwit. What exactly am I incriminating in ? what the are you even on about ?
  9. You're a moron. Do a favour and shut the fuck. You embarrass yourself every time you make a post. Do you often beat up old ladies (not ladys) ? you talk as if you had experience in beating old ladies.....
  10. No, fuckface. It's your job. It's how you make ends meet.
  11. Can't ignore me, can you, dimwit ?
  12. It's you who can't ignore me, dumbo. Lol, fact, what a fuckstick Do you even know what "fact" is ? the only think that's being proven over and over again is that you're a retard. Probably the biggest retard on this forum........
  13. I fucking told you many times I wouldn't put you on ignore. I'm here to exercise my constitutional right to make you cry like a bitch at every step. And I WILL CONTINUE making you cry as long as you keep throwing passive-aggressive insults at me..... Once again, one more time, stop calling me a Gypsy, because I'm not one. Get it through your thick skull once and for all........
  14. I have even less interest in interacting with a piece of shit like you. So, put me on ignore, bitch.
  15. Take it up your arse, b-i-o-t-c-h.
  16. Gypsy confirmed once again Confirmed what, you driveling cretin ?
  17. "Lelo" is our national, Georgian Rugby team, you driveling cretin......
  18. This is Bon Gay's "tribute" to Kurt. A desperate, talentless piece of shit, indeed.
  19. Because I'm not you braindead fucknugget. See above Azamat. What a pair of obsessed little bitches.
  20. No, Fuck Shitmania, you dimwitted moron. Go hump a goat, dumbfuck.
  21. You're an OBSESSED LITTLE BITCH. Shitmania isn't my country, you retard. Get it through your thick skull. What abandoned lot, you fucking moron. I live in city centre not some shithole, hick town like yours
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