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  1. When will Axl and Slash retire? The world doesn't need their "art".
  2. Banged her on New Year's Eve. Some fatty love handles but delicious overall. Got an instant hard-on as soon as we kissed. Lady knows her stuff.
  3. lol *Gypsies I'm sure real Georgians are ok people. here it is
  4. You sound experienced. So you are both a gypsy and a favelado? Maybe a Brazilian dude banged your gypsy mother and abandoned her and her other husband/goat? That would explain your hatred towards us. To make ends meet Eastern Europe is gypsy paradise, not surprised you like it.
  5. Is that a gypsy motto? Very clever. Ragnar, unlike you, I take no offense by being called a favelado. Just because you get angry when called a dirty gypsy from some 3rd world country from eastern europe, it doesn't mean I get offended by being called a brazilian monkey. On the contrary, I think it's quite funny.
  6. Yes, we have to get our stuff back all the time. But not from gypsies like you.
  7. What are you all ramblin`g about you shirtlifters? Guess what fagboys? I stole GAYNARD``s shittop. His girlfriend is next. Go swing off tree now monkeys. I see you are obsessed with me and the only permanent home I have is in your brains. BTW, every singer besides Axl is a faggot, and every other band besides GN` R is SHITE.
  8. The guy makes hilarious posts with zero effort. We can't say the same about your long Slash "joke" stories. The gypsy wins.
  9. He is the laughingstock of GNFNR. Love the guy.
  10. I don't worry about Ragnar. As soon as his tribe settles somewhere they can steal wi-fi from, he will be back in full force, ANGRIER than ever. His goat Axl is the only thing that calms him down.
  11. What are you ramblin`g about faggotboy? I`m am fuck your cum guzzling cock gobbling sister tonight. Go swing off tree now or go back to SHITTUGAL!
  12. Axl liked 80s hip hop so much he stole their beats and used in the modern evolution gnr sound uyi3 beatles meets queen + nin song "Madagascar"
  13. I don't even remember the last time I typed the word 'Axl' in this place.
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