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  1. I am sure Georgia's gypsy bands are much better than Sepultura. They probably play those songs I heard on Borat lol. SHUT UP GYPSY.
  2. Yeah, songs about Stephanie Seymour are so much more interesting. Shut up, gypsy. Just shut up and stop embarrassing yourself.
  3. When you have to sing about rocks and thunders, you can't use a Mickey voice.
  4. Who is that chick Auadman?
  5. HAHAHAHAHA classic Ragnar crying to JB again. What a sensitive gypsy. This tough guy thing is all a gimmick to hide how delicate and fragile Ragaynar is, lol.
  6. Yeah cause the NIN ripoff circus he came up with was so much better.
  7. Guys I'm translating a basketball-related ad. What "taking it to the rim" means? Thanks. I'm totally serious. Can't find it anywhere.
  8. Do you know what GnFnR stands for? GUNS AND FUCHKING AND ROSES.
  9. GOOD..... FUCHKING..... NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. These sexual fantasies you have that include me are weird as fuck, gypsy. But it's understandable, when your only option to have sex is your sister/mother/aunt/pet goat, you gotta fantasize about something else. NOW GO AWAY YOU SALTY ANGRY DEPRESSING GYPSY
  11. The same girlfriend you promised to TRIM HER PUBLIC HAIR? You're a joke, Fagnar.
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