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  1. I would love to add a romani to my circle of friends. Ragnar and his goat/wife/sister are welcome here.
  2. This "journalist" got something right in like 1992 and to this day Brazilians think he is some kind of rock guru or something. His last claim is that this mixture of rap and rock will soon take over the world of music, with Limp Park being the next big thing. LOL!!!! If there's one thing we Brazilians know for sure is that hard rock is here to stay.
  3. Rock in Rio is a joke. GNR is a joke. Any journalist who claims there will be a GNR album by 2022 is guessing as much as we are.
  4. Pretty sure his "managers" have already taken care of that and Axl is now under good "management" again.
  5. What does Hard School even mean? Is that an expression gringos really use?
  6. Hot girl with an awful taste in music.
  7. Auad is breeding an entire region of Brazil, my man.
  8. Jambi is pretty good though. Sometimes I forget Fear Inoculum even exists.
  9. He offered me a truce now, let's see if I'm making a mistake by trusting a gypsy.
  10. I'd love to help as well, but I am saving money right now to hire a big-dicked brazilian tranny myself. Sorry. You really think I'm serious with this stuff, don't you?
  11. RAGEnar could make a spell to make all the girls attracted to e-TWAT. He probably uses one himself, considering the amount of pussy he gets. Problem is, a demon is slowly infecting his brain and giving him nuclear retardation. Would e-TWAT want to go down that hole?
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