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  1. Can anybody send me this amazing piece of literature? I bet is the best gnr-related item released since AFD
  2. no, i dont think they can make a stadium tour i think they could sell out some stadiums in bigger cities, but never a tour
  3. dude, who cares if dj is lying or not, in the end he is in gnr and you are just a guy posting in boards, i dont know your age or how much time have you been trolling around the boards but i can say that gnr members giving interviews and the band touring, it is still a lot better than 2003 - 2005 that thrill of GNR was a blog called splat that posted some rumors and Q&As with band members stop trolling, your comment doesnt add nothing to the discussion, just free hatred against a blank a target
  4. yeah it is true GNR twitter confirmed that the intro they were using was the orchestral instrumentation of the song so what we are hearing is not the intro of the general, is the orchestral arrangement of the song marco beltrami did around 2003 i remember someone saying that is an epic mid-tempo song with some very heavy parts, so it will as AFD as Sorry or Prostitute are. Sebastian Bach is the one who created the whole myth calling it the sequel of estranged and his favorite song
  5. can anyone please pm me the song P L E A S E
  6. this fuckin thing is creepy he doesnt have to give us a memo about he uses his time
  7. mods should delete this kinda crap..
  8. this place a mirror to htgth its a limited liberty, if you talk something good about axl and the band... you get bashed until your death
  9. I dont think the setlist will change.. the most suprising thing that cluld happen is that they play the setlist played in japan/korea/taiwan last year
  10. it is almost pathological the hate you feel about axl is really sick, im not axl nutswinger but this almost this whole board is amazingly creepy... when it started it was good cuz you could feel a sense of truth and reality, but now is just nuts
  11. huge fan... I love all of their work
  12. this is all bullshit tommy siding with roy thomas baker instead of caram? BULLSHIT he even dissed RTB in interviews
  13. obviously he has something but nothing as big as he claims in the everything even if somethings he have said are real right now, those are not relevant at all, so they mean shit
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