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  1. It's been a long time since I felt you near me.

  2. I did not! My hand was definately not in the way, I hope. And it was like before Beta even came out You love me! Check out my pictures. Your hand is in the way You also pulled me back when I was trying to video Axl. YOU SUCKKKKK
  3. Conor was really drunk and tried to drag me to a bar. I wanted to wait with the other forum people for Axl and he kept asking me to leave calling me a nerd. He puked right before Axl came out and made my stomach flip and I felt weak at the sight. His big stupid hand then got in the way of my picture with Axl. I hate Conor.
  4. My long ass review: IMPORTANT SNIPPET: DJ Ashba couldn't hear himself throughout the show and he was asking us if he sounded okay. I noticed people posting about how bad DJ played on the forum since well now you have your answer. He was having tech problems all night. Anyway....... I got about 4-5 hours sleep on Wednesday night. I had to get up really early Thursday morning and work a half day. I only had about 40mins to pack and get ready. i forgot lots of stuff - facepalm Got the train to Dublin where Graeme was waiting for me. We had a big hug and then I went to the toilet to put in an eye drop. Cool story bro? We then realised the bear was nowhere to be found. Graeme rang him, he was at the wrong bloody station. We arranged to meet him. There was a breakdown in communication and I dragged Graeme to the wrong street. Conor was actually waiting at the Spire the entire time (1.5 hours). He only left to get beer and eat sushi. On the plus side, I found a cheap Ireland flag for the show in a souvneir shop. 7.99 down to 2.99. Awesome! Got some permanenet markers in euro city for only 1 euro. Bargain! I'm sure you'll agree it was worth leaving conor stranded while Graeme and I shopped. Graeme made sure I didn't go into any clothes shops. He did a great job. Once we found the bear, we set off for Nandos. We thought we were on the wrong street until we noticed the delictable chicken sign I screamed in ectasy and point towards the building. The boys eyerolled and off we went to Nandos. I had some free chicken on my loyalty card - the boys ate and chimed in unision 'this is the best shit ever'. I took a little detour into a sweet shop and bought 2 euro worth of my favourite shit. Then we went to a really posh bar that Graeme's friend recommended. We felt like idiots in there so we decided to leave. I told Conor to pretend his phone rang and that he had an emergency. He just walked out and left Graeme and I sitting there wil retards. I then came up with the mother of all excuses. I exclaimed rather loudly, 'oh wow Graeme look at the time, we better get going'. We swiftly walked out of the building. We found another bar and chatted about the forums like a bunch of nerds. We then walked to the 02 arena. We wanted to drop our bags off at the hotel first (hotel was amazing and located jsut behind the venue). The two girls (Graeme and Conor) spent time getting ready for the show. Conor changed his outfit 4 times Dazey said I was the man and they were the girls We made our amazing flag in reference to Axl's injury (credit to Graeme for the witty slogan): (Please note Graeme is 6ft 4) We headed off to the show and arrived during the end of the first band. We 'shimmied' or way through the crowd and got to be about the 3rd/4th row for most of Thin Lizzy. They were awesome and the best support act GN'R has ever had. They had everyone pumped up. Some guy got thrown out and when the crowd parted to get him out i ran up to the front and took a spot on the rail :slaa: i was on the far right... in front of Dj's spot. I made a deal with the security guy. He was going to let me throw my flag up for KOHD. The concert is a bit of a blur now but my memory is that it was awesome. I was nervous abou being up front -I never stood in the pit for a concert before. The people on either side of me were really nice and they kept checking after every song to make sure they didn't jump on me or squashing me too much. Got DJ's attention lots of times and he threw me a guitar pick. Just like in 2010, he stood out for his crowd interaction. I waved at Ron just before SCOM and he waved back. I then blew a kiss and he blew one back. It was really funny the way he did it. People were laughing. Fortus smiled when I kept screaming at him, as did Tommy. I missed this but apparently Axl looked down and laughed at the flag during "It's so easy". I freaked out everytime he stood in front of me so it's not too surprising out on it. TWAT was amazing because they started out doing Madagascar before drifting into TWAT. When they said 'sleeping like an angel' the guys turned to me and pointed at me. That was brilliant!! Was so cool to hear Estranged and Civil War for the first time too. So after the show we met the band. They were all lovely! I met Frank first. He was super nice and chatty. He was in a fun mood and joked around with everyone. Then Richard arrived. He is my favourite so I was really nervous about going up to him. I had butterflies and felt a bit sick. Took some deep breaths and went for it and he couldn't have been lovelier. It's a bit of a blur now because it was so surreal but he chatted to me about Thin Lizzy, Dublin, asking me about the different shows I went to. He signed my shirt and posed for a photo too. Ron came next and as you can imagine everyone flocked to him. There was a lot of Bumble fans in the house. There was lots of people around him so I stayed out in the corrider and Tommy Stinson came. Tommy was my favourite of the night I won't go into too much detail but yeah.... he was hilarious and REALLY kind to me. He came back to me and spoke to me again off his own back He was incredible. I don't know when Pitman arrived but I never got a chance to talk to him. He left while I was with Tommy. I would've liked to have said hello. Then I went back to Ron. Some of the people moved on so there was just a few in the room with him. We were sort of standing in a circle joking around. He was in great form and joking with everyone. His lovely wife Jen was there too. She is beautiful and ridicliously lovely! I chatted to her about the stuff they did in Dublin all week and we talked about shopping!! Finally I got my chance with Ron! Most people were pretty patient and waited their turn to speak to the band members but unfortauntely there were one or two who would butt in and in one particular case there was an annoying person who kept grabbing my pen when I was in the middle of chatting to a band member or about to get an autograph and she'd come and 'borrow' my pen. I found that so rude. I would never do that. I'd wait like most normal people would! Anyway, Ron was lovely and posted for picture and wrote a funny autograph to me as we had just discussed blowing each other kisses during the show. DJ Ashba arrived last. I didn't chat to him for too long cos everyone was waiting to talk to him. He was really really nice and friendly. Poor guy LOOKED exhausted though. The most interesting thing is that he said he couldn't hear himself throughout the show and he was asking us if he sounded okay. I noticed people posting about how bad DJ played on the forum since well now you have your answer. He was having tech problems all night. I thanked him for the guitar pick and he smiled and said something like 'No problem - I'm glad you caught it'. So then Del James came along and told the guys they had to leave because the vans were waiting. Tommy came and said goodbye to me before we went off Then this guy came over to me and asked me if i was SLAA. I was like what!? He guessed who I was! He was from the forums. He was a really nice guy and I'm sad he didn't meet up sooner and stand together at the show. We could've had more fun. I know his username but I not his real name. Come forth and PM me! If you're heading to any of the UK shows, holla!! Sorry I'm really tired and lazy after work. I intended on going into more detail but meh. If you guys want to know anymore feel free to question me. Pictures are on my twitter. Warning!!! lots of sweat and messy hair. This was after a front row GN'R gig: http://twitter.com/#!/S_L_A_A Payback is a bitch Conor: :slaa: Thank Yous: To Conor and Graeme for a great evening and for keeping an eye on me in the pit! To Graeme for giving me the chance to meet the band! The lovely people around me at the concert who kept making sure I wasn't getting squashed during the show and for making the time pas quickly while we waited. The lovely American girls who took my pictures for me with the band. The guy who came up to me backstage and knew who I was from the forums haha!
  5. So are the making babies lines working?

  6. I hope i'm good practice! Get out there and try it for real. You have the looks and now you have the talk. Go get 'em!

  7. I'm very sorry for not updating I was squashed in like a sardine and my phone was in my bag. I promise to do updates for the shows I'll be sitting at (Glasgow & London). I planned on getting a picture with Dizzy Reed to tease you with. He didn't come to see us though. He's too good for us Barry, have you seen Conor, SLAA and Graeme? They met in toilet during Sorry, among the group of people getting the first batch of piss bottles ready. Barry you should've met up with us! Mbrose - i'll pm you next.. then i'll write my review!
  8. Almost. Glasgow, Manc, Birmingham and that London show. Getting time off work was kind of difficult. Would've loved to go to them all ;( Need to get going on my Dublin review before I got to more and forget parts.
  9. Sweet but I won't buy it.... ...because I'll be there!!! :slaa:
  10. Yeah it was all thanks to Graeme. I have no connections with GNR unfortunately. Well after last night with Tommy Telling that story would be kinda wrong. Nothing bad happened for the record i just think it would be weird to post it in public. Oh and he was lovely to me in case you are wondering. Too lovely, it melted my heart! He came back to me twice after I first spoke to him off his own back to hug and talk with me! I'll write about it all tomorrow. I actually had a little chat with each of them and each one of them was as lovely as the next. And no it wasn't just a going through the motions kind of thing I had a laugh with all of them. It wasn't an akward forced thing. Except DJ had people waiting to see him so I didn't spend long with him but he was so sweet! We kinda made "friends" during the show anyway and had thrown me a guitar pic so that was awesome! Graeme was a sweetheart to let Conor and I go back with him. I'd never have met them otherwise. I've no idea how to re pay him! I will do a big review including the stuff I chatted to them about tomorrow. I'm still recovering. Couldn't sleep I was so excited. My voice is gone and my body is covered in bruises! Front row GNR baby!
  11. I can make you melt in many ways honey.

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