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  1. The bridge in "Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul aka The Soul Monster (working title Leave Me Alone)" which will no doubt end up "Soul Monster".

    I think it's r most Black Sabbath moment. Sang it on a Christmas eve. Imo the meanest section of anything I've sung to date. Which having said that I'm sure when it's heard others may disagree but we felt it was a Christmas card of unadulterated venom so to speak. I felt a lot better afterward.

    1. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      which is Soul Monster on the Village leaks? I forget it...if it's the Zodiac 13, then it's a mediocre song, imho. Could be interesting to hear those vocals though

    2. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      Can someone ask jarmo to leak it ?

  2. @EstrangedTWAT Happy ending during the climax of Estranged, autogrpahed by Frank Miller
  3. Sharte Wars: The Dribbly Menace

  4. Waxy, Spaz, Poof, and the rest

    1. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      Buns N’ Sauces.

  5. When ET's escort sees what she's signed up for
  6. And we are at $500 thank you @Sorry Sack of Bones, we now move on to phase two @EstrangedTWAT
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