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  1. Bill, PM me and we can talk about scheduling something
  2. awesome the guy at the end is like “Axl, you should come down to the gym,” and Axl’s like “yeah, don’t hold your breath, buddy” 🙄
  3. King Crimson will hit the road this summer for a U.S. tour that was originally supposed to take place in 2020 before the pandemic hit. The King Crimson lineup for the six-week tour will consist of guitarist Robert Fripp, bassist Tony Levin, multi-instrumentalists Mel Collins and Jakko Jakszyk as well as drummers Jeremy Stacey, Gavin Harris and Pat Mastelotto.
  4. I can tell you why: because they're Guns N' Roses and some people haven't seen them yet. I'm going to pay to see King Crimson this Summer, because they are King Crimson, and I've never seen them live. I don't give a rat's ass if it's the same setlist they have been playing for 15 years, because I've never been.
  5. "...For these keeping track, this is essentially the same reunion tour that launched back in 2016..." Finally the media call out GN'R about the lack of new music (below) and the fact that its still the same show year after year. Kinda funny with the upcoming Fenway Park show being advertised as an All New Show. They also say Mexico City 2020 may have been a Super Spreader Event.🤢🤢🤢 ☠️ GNR 2021 = No New Music, Same Shit Show, and they may have helped spread The Plague Some excerpts from a recent Rolling Stone story
  6. Fripp makes it Crimson

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    2. JeanGenie
    3. Philip K. Dickhead

      Philip K. Dickhead

      His wife needs a good hosing down. I've never seen a granny so desperate to show off her 80's bolt-ons.

    4. John Bonham

      John Bonham

      got my tickets!

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