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  1. Because Slash is a Psychic Vampire who sucked all the creativity out of Axl.
  2. What do I put here?

    1. Catch Her In the Rye

      Catch Her In the Rye

      Whatever you want, whatever you need, whatever you like..

  3. "Unseen forces," I always assumed that the record companies wanted Slash (and Duff) back in the band before they released anything. They are trying to starve him (Axl Rose) out.
  4. Past history? Track record? Reputation? Pick whichever term you like, its all the same. There is no evidence anything is remotely in the offing, and a god damn mountain of it that they aren't doing jack. But table all that for a moment. You made a comment that something will happen "within 7 days". You already appear to be walking that back some, but they are just words. You might as well tell me aliens from outer space will land "within 7 days". The funny thing (or sad thing, depending on your worldview) is that there might be a better chance of aliens landing than GNR activity. At least the aliens haven't strung us along and pissed on us for over 10 years now. Finally, I've about had it with the "it might not happen as fast as you like" bit. Bullshit on that. I'm not directing that at you, but towards people in general that say that. Every other major band does this stuff without difficulty. GNR would have us believe a simple product release requires a god damn act of Congress. Then, when nothing happens, they blame unseen forces and the boogeyman, which we are never supposed to question. Nah, patience has long worn thin and benefit of the doubt ran out some time back. Like I said, drama. Metallica, AC/DC an Motley Crue haven't released an album since 2008. The Who and The Stones, 2005 and 2006. Guns are inline with other legacy rock acts. How often do the Beach Boys put out cds?
  5. I don't have any inside knowledge, I just think people are being a tad bit over -dramatic when they say that Guns won't release anything. They release stuff, it just doesn't happen as fast as some people would like. But, it's been 5 years now, and the touring has finally stopped. Why is it so outlandish to think thet they are working on a release strategy?
  6. When Axl's stalker, Big Karen, was arrested. She had illegally gained entry into Axl's Malibu home. Axl was sitting on a stool in the kitchen in his pajamas, playing guitar for Beta and Fernando, etc. I think this is how he keeps them all entertained. I am sure they tell him he is a better player than Slash is now.
  7. It's too soon to write 2013 off. I wager well hear something within the next 10 days about a release. Maybe just the live DVD, maybe more... But you can't deny that team brazil is in business mode. They have shown that they are incapable of doing 2 things at once, and they've clearly given Ron and Tommy,meta.mthe green light to pursue their side projects through early 2014. It's not a stretch to think they are working on getting some product released, followed by a March tour in South Merica, or Canada -- whoever will have them.
  8. He hasn't promised anything though. He said "maybe 2014" which is hardly encouraging. But, but, but............NOOOOOO!!!!!! Beta told me personally 2 months ago that it would be later THIS year! Surely she couldn't have been lying? Fingers crossed. Surely, no one can deny that it sure seems like Team Axl is working on a release for the end of this year? I guess we'll find out in the next week or so.
  9. I thought the same thing. It looks like they've gone for a kind of biker/Latino gangster vibe here, with the font and the cross and stuff. It seems like the tattoos you see on Latino gangsters in movies. Maybe the Latin Kings can help Axl get Chinese Democracy 2 released.
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