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  1. Missed opportunity to feature Ricky in the music video.
  2. I have been saying this for years that AI vocals, deep fake, etc, it will be the future of GNR. Even in terms of touring Why see fat Axl, when you can see hologram 1987 Axl? I have a theory that part of the reason Azoff is going after the publishing rights of all these legendary musicians is because those recordings will be required to train algorithms to create new albums. Depending on how things shake out, can you imagine if you own the catalogs for bands or artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, or the Rolling Stones, and you get royalties when those catalogs are used to train AI to create new albums that otherwise sound indistinguishable from their prime albums.
  3. In the 80s, they had so much charisma and presence, that it didn't matter if they were sloppy. The band lost some of that as they went to the huge stadiums, but Axl in his prime was one of the greatest front men of all time in terms of physical performance. He was able to make a huge stage seem small (not a fat joke). The band is tighter now, but just like Chris Moltisanto's car speakers, has no balls. Add in Axl's awful vocals and complete lack of presence, and it's amazing people go to the shows.
  4. I found a great picture they could use if they ever release a Chinese Democracy sessions album.
  5. It would be nothing new after Axl figuratively shit in all of our mouths by releasing Absurd as the lead single.
  6. Village leaks are 90+ percent of the full song ideas Axl has in the can. Most instrumentals on the leaks have gotten vocals since. But Axl hasn't laid down any vocals in years. There are loads of tapes filled with jamming or song ideas that have never been worked on or actualized by Axl. You also have guys like Bumblefoot who thought he'd written the next UYI album, that Axl quickly chucked into the trash bin. Little Brother Is Watching is the 5 O'Clock somewhere of the CD era, in that if Axl respected the output of the guitar player offering up the album, it could have made up a GNR album. (But just like with 5 O'Clock, Axl made the right choice.) The remix album and DJ/Bumble re-working songs like Better would be a pretty clear symptom of nothing going on at the time. Even if CD II was finished in the Monster Drinks Presents DJ Ashba era, they may not have been contributing any new songs that Axl would actively lay down vocals on. A band with as little output as GNR shouldn't have time to dick around by making a Garage Bands tier goth remix of a single they refused to even promote in the first place. Push and pull between the label and Axl, along with the prospect of a reunion at multiple points in band history resulted in the songs taking so long to be released that we're now in a time when there is less incentive than ever to release new music because nobody cares, and music is just advertising for tours and merch. GNR is now losing steam as a touring act and will either need the hail mary of a new album and actually promoting it, or they will have to call Adler/Izzy and split the loot so that the draw is the AFD 5 together before they die or go into a diabetic coma. The above veers on fan fiction, but it would be purely my guess based on years of reading GNR forums. Sorry if I went full Brazilian there.
  7. In a way, you can make an argument that Guns N' Roses are the first American hip hop group.
  8. Your favorite show at one point was Dexter. Aside from his incestuous relationship with his sister, the central theme of the show is the mask that he must wear to keep himself safe. He must live a double life, and present himself as someone he is not, all so he can live freely, in secret. He lives by a code. With the above in mind. Were you disappointed that the vinyl copies of 'Chinese Democracy' had production errors resulting surface noise issues?
  9. Was Bret Hart right to hold a grudge all those years against Vince McMahon? Would it have been healthier for him to move on, even if Vince was in the wrong?
  10. Is the reality TV show called '90 Day Fiance' an accurate representation of your experiences with the K-1 Visa?
  11. The Spaghetti Incident is a very good album. People resent it because Axl had such a difficult time releasing albums afterwards. They see it like TSI was released in place of original material. Add in a large portion of the fan base being 80s shit-rock fans who weren't down with Axl "gaying up the band with the pianos", and it isn't surprising that an album of mostly punk covers would be viewed poorly. Why cover punk when there are perfectly good Warrant songs just waiting for Gilby Clarke's take on them?
  12. The mastering on the CD version of TSI is too 'loud' and not dynamic enough. Appetite is a better sounding album, and maybe the only album to capture the swagger the original band had. Although, a lot of that was gone with Adler and Izzy out.
  13. Does anybody know how to download from youtube? We need to back this up before it is taken down. I am surprised that Bob Ezrin actually spent time with Axl in the studio.
  14. 2001 or 2002 was the perfect time to release CD. While I like the Beavan era sound the best, if you listen to the 2001 versions they have a big rock sound (particularly the new drums) and they have Buckethead. Rock wasn't as big as if was a decade earlier, but there was a bit of a resurgence in the early 2000s. There was also an appetite for GNR. Slash finally had a relevant album with Velvet Revolver, the Greatest Hits was a huge success, and a lot of younger people discovered the band through GTA San Andreas, which heavily featured 'Welcome To The Jungle'. CD was never going to be a success on par with UYI or AFD, but it probably sells well enough and GNR could have stayed relevant with the other top rock bands of the time.
  15. I am a well adjusted individual. I check a web forum devoted to a band from the 80s. I do this because the lead singer has not released new music for decades at a time.
  16. His Greek cousin Stavros is cornrows away from dressing like 2006 Axl. All he needs to do is cut the sleeves off the dress shirt.
  17. It is like when you watch re-runs of early 90's Full House, and Uncle Jesse is dressed like Matt Sorum. You just know it's out of date.
  18. I was yellow raincoat Axl last year, but everybody kept mistaking me for Paddington.
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