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  1. Slash is almost 60. He has been out of his musical prime for 20+ years. Axl was smart enough to start recruiting help writing songs in the mid-90s after Izzy left. I don't understand the partnership with Myles Kennedy. He is the most boring vocalist/frontman that Slash could possibly choose. Maybe that's deliberate? If people enjoy his solo stuff because they love Slash and it's fun to get a new album, all the more power to them. I don't think anybody expects Slash to release anything good or interesting. The same can be said for most ageing rockstars from the 70s and 80s. There is an occasional very good album that comes out, but it's mostly just retread and fan service.
  2. Skip to 1:40, it is def not Buckethead. Might be May on the track.
  3. I would. Not because I think it would be any good, but because it would mean Axl is at least willing to create new stuff. I can't imagine anything Axl or Slash would write at the age of 60 would be remotely interesting, but it would represent a happier ending for the band. What I want is for Axl to release a box set with everything from the CD era. All 100 versions of each song. Whatever. I'll buy the $1000 box set. I just want to leave this hell that is posting on GNR forums in 2022 and move on.
  4. How many albums do they owe on their current record contract? Their trump card is a proper reunion album. If they manage to give the record company things like CD II or the remastered UYI albums to fulfill their obligations, what does the record company give them for a proper AFD 5 Reunion album and tour? If they do that now, they get less from it. With that said, it's probably simpler than that. Axl is like 60 and not in great singing shape. It seems like he wasn't motivated to record vocals, even when he was in better shape. He probably just doesn't want to go through the hassle when he already has an album or two worth of vocals in the vault.
  5. Look like a fool Never meant to hurt no one Just happened to be there next to you
  6. They don't need Izzy because they have a stock pile of decent to great material that was written by Buckethead and co. that they intend to get value from. They don't have the interest or integrity to write an album. They are the world's most ironic band. For years, Axl had to rally against criticism that he was leading a Guns N' Roses cover band. Now that he has enough original members for the public to accept the band as the real thing, they are covering the cover band that was criticized for covering them. The value in Izzy and Adler is that when people get tired of the current lineup as a live show, they can split the loot, and tour as the real real thing. They were able to cash in on the regrouping, with the three of them, and hired guns. Then they get to cash in a second time, although the second time, they will have to split the loot. In short, they can prolong the reunion as a stadium tour draw.
  7. You're right, but replace Greatest Hits with remastered box sets. Greatest Hits doesn't work in today's day and age because of how music is consumed. That's why they do the remastered box set BS in place, because it encourages people to re-listen to the songs since they are technically different. People who buy music are hardcore fans who buy vinyl and super over priced box sets. Streaming is trending towards being 90 percent of the music sales. Adele sells a million physical copies world wide and that's like untouchable. Hilarious that Axl took so long to release an album that nobody actually buys albums. Of course, the argument would be, wouldn't a new album generate streaming plays? If Hard School and Absurd are any indication, no. GNR has an older fan base who are afraid of new music, and young people are smart enough to know how much Guns N' Roses sucks. Add in the fact that they aren't releasing Slash/Izzy songs, and are releasing songs written by people that GNR fans don't even like (Finck, Bucket, etc), and a new GNR album would completely flop. Axl and his management through whatever BS they did over the last decade have painted themselves into a can't win situation, unless something AB(backwards s)URD happens, like he leverages the album for some business deal, or K-Mart buys millions of copies in exchange for exclusivity. They should have Slash and Duff rape Chinese Democracy by removing any good parts and re-recording the instrumentals from scratch, and release Better & This I Love (because it's the November Rain meme piano ballad) as singles. They can market it as Chinese Democracy how it would have been if it was released in the 90s with Slash, and it might bring some renewed interest to all the other material that was recorded. If it flops, well the songs have already been out there for almost 15 years so there isn't a "that's it?" perception that could come if they wrote an album fresh or released something from the vault.
  8. Maybe if Brain re-joins, Bucket won't be far behind as the second lead, and they can actually release new music. Slash might have an ego, but he has to know they need song writers and he probably can't play half of Bucket's stuff in the vault. Izzy is too expensive. #fanfiction
  9. We don't have those songs. What I am saying, is we basically got an EP w/ vocals when the locker leaks happened. Axl has another complete album, although it is now not all "new", and we aren't going to hear it in that form unless it leaks since they have decided to work on an album with Slash and Duff that has an expedited planned release date of November 23rd 2028.
  10. With the storage leaks, you can almost make a complete album with vocals of music that was either unheard, or unheard in studio form (if we don't count crappy BBF scratch track leaks). That 8 or so song EP is the best you're going to get, and it wasn't even Axl's choice to release it.
  11. I first saw it as a young teenager, because a popular Canadian band named themselves 'Billy Talent' after the guitar player in the film. I am sure it must be available on your typical torrent/download sites. If you still use physical media, it is currently in print on Blu-ray. For the longest time, it was out of print, and the DVD was quite expensive. The Youtube link in the thread also might work if you try using a Youtube downloader to download the MP4 video.
  12. Awww that sucks, I did not realize it was region restricted. http://www.amazon.com/Hard-Core-Logo-Hugh-Dillon/dp/B01M4IOKY5 It is available on Prime video in the US, if you have that.
  13. This is one of the greatest Canadian films of all time. I understand, that is a low bar. It is about an iconic punk rock frontman who manipulates his former band into a reunion tour. He does this with the hope that they will reform full time. He ruined any chance the band had at glory during their initial run because he was irrational and disagreeable. His glory days are behind him. It is a film about a person trying to recapture something that has already passed them by. Which as Guns N' Roses fans, we should know all too well.
  14. The artists that sell their catalogs are all old as fuck. They want money now. Even know the catalog will produce more than what they were paid for it, they won't be alive to realize those gains. They also may not be plugged in enough to see how valuable of an asset their catalog is with the changes in technology that are coming. Touring full time has been cut off due to COVID. They lost a major source of revenue. I think they just want short term money that exceeds what they will realize from their catalog while they are still alive. COVID is the best thing to happen to the people that want to buy the publishing rights. 10-20 years from now, people are going to look back at what they paid for these publishing rights to all these major artists and see that they paid peanuts for them.
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