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  1. They should get Adler to lay down drum tracks for the two albums and re-issue them with a Barry Diament remaster. Call it 'Appetite For Illusions' or something equally as corny.
  2. Axl has said before that most songs are about a variety of different people or things. Anybody who has written lyrics has probably done the same thing. The Blues is the only song that I think is directly about Slash. With Axl's persecution complex, Hard Skool could be about anything or anyone. Knowing Axl, he got in a fight with his gardener and penned the song.
  3. It reminds me of Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys. A gimmick on the show is that be messes up common sayings. It's like what Ricky would say instead of school of hard knocks.
  4. Which is too bad, since it's a song that should be heard.
  5. 2 million in a month is very very low when judged against the most popular musical acts. With that said, rock music isn't popular. The Killers new single which is a few days old has almost a million views. Keep in mind, Absurd had a lot of press because it was the first Axl/Slash song in decades. Guns N' Roses aren't popular in the mainstream anymore. They are popular as a retro act but nobody cares about old rock bands releasing new music.
  6. I never said people need the above to not be obese. I said when your job is to be in stage shape, and you have access to all the short cuts, being out of shape is an entire different level of not giving a shit.
  7. I understand how regular people in their 50s who work 40-60 hours a week get fat. I don't understand how guys like Vince Neil or Axl cannot be in stage shape. They can afford a trainer, a dietician, personal chefs, doctors (for TRT), etc. Even if you remove the TRT, outside of an undisclosed illness, there is no reason for these guys to show up to these concerts in the shape they do. It is another level entirely of not giving a shit.
  8. Guns N' Roses V A brilliant name. Same concept as Led Zeppelin II, III, etc. Except, Guns N' Roses have not previously numbered their studio LPs. The reason the name is brilliant, is because it allows Axl to further canonize Chinese Democracy, with Slash and Duff being made to give a seal of approval to the album. AFD, UYI I/II, and CD are full albums one through four of original material. Naming the new album V allows Axl to group CD in with the other three 'classic' albums. Given that this is Slash and Duff painting over NU-GNR, Ecce Homo would be a perfect cover. The painting is infamous, because an amateur painter attempted to restore it by painting over it, and ruined the work of art. Am I insinuating Slash replacing Bumblefoot's parts is the equivalent of that? Not exactly. But if you're Axl, and you made Slash release Absurd as the first single together in nearly 30 years, you probably appreciate that kind of symbolism in your work. At this point, Axl is not a musician. He is a performance artist. Like Andy Kaufman. The physical representation of the song 'Absurd'.
  9. Don't ya know? So sick of you. Things you say, and all the things you do. Things you say, and all the things you do. Things you say, and all the things you do. Things you say, and all the things you do. Things you say, and all the things you do. Things you say, and all the things you do. Sick! (Sick) Of! (Of) You. I'm so sick, so sick of you. Sick! (Sick) Of! (Of) You. I'm so sick, so sick of you. Sick! (Sick) Of! (Of) You. I'm so sick, so sick of you. Human filth.. Sick!
  10. In some countries without running water, they sustain themselves by drinking their own urine. That might explain why they won't waste it on Axl.
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