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  1. If COVID didn't lead to them finishing an album, nothing will. There would have never been a better time to cut an album. Think about it, they couldn't tour. The opportunity cost of taking time in the studio ends up extremely low. If they want to be honest and say no new album because 60,000 idiots a night pay us $100 each to hear 30 year old songs, so we're not taking down time to record an album, sure, whatever. But we've had a year where they couldn't tour at all. Red Dead Redemption only takes a few weeks to finish, so what else have they been doing? It seems so ea
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers haven't yet performed a proper concert since classic-era guitarist John Frusciante rejoined the band, but they've been working on new material. Now, according to drummer Chad Smith, the album is done. This report comes via two separate Reddit users, heavvyglow and hellogoodbye1998, both of whom attended Smith's art show this weekend. Smith is a painter on the side, and he's been dropping little tidbits of info about the new RHCP album while doing interviews about his art. Both Redditors said that Smith had told them the new album was done. Accordin
  3. If GNR released Slash/Gilby material in the mid 90s, they would have lost relevance like a lot of the 80s rock bands did until the industry shifted more to touring and nostalgia in the 2000s to offset the collapse of CD profits. They should have done the Kiss gimmick in the 90s. Release four GNR albums side by side. Slash/Axl/Izzy/Duff. Let Izzy be a studio member. All four guys appear as a band on each album (as in Axl on lead vocals, Slash on guitar), but each guy has full creative control.
  4. Are Guns N' Roses forums modern day 'cargo cults'?
  5. It is national housekeepers day.
  6. If Chinese Democracy was released as a debut or sophomore album by some random band without the baggage, it would be considered a mostly very good collection of songs. More so, if the songs were released as they originally were, and weren't tinkered with endlessly. The baggage both propped up and killed the album. By the time it was released, it sounded like a compilation for a band that never existed. None of the songs actually fit together, and you can hear genres going in and out of fashion as you trudge through the album. If you want to call it the WORST Guns N' Roses
  7. Alright guys, I'll start. Here you go, a leaked instrumental totally by GNR, and not by some German band.
  8. Under common law and according to the definition of this defamation, deceased individuals cannot be defamed. Defamation is defined as an act or statement that damages one’s reputation. The dead do not have reputations to damage. The memory of a deceased person can be damaged, but this is not addressed under the tort of defamation. Survivors or descendants of the dead have no legal claim on behalf of a deceased relative’s good name, nor can they collect on behalf of their own interests relative to that person’s reputation. Likewise, the estate of a deceased person cannot be liable f
  9. It is ironic that if you remove the chorus, 'Give In To Me' lyrically sounds like CD era Axl lyrics. If MJ did a reggae accent it would be set.
  10. We would have gotten a worse album than Chinese Democracy if they reunited in 2006. If you're a fan of just listening to live bootlegs of the band singing Sweet Child Of Mine 1000000 times, then sure it would have been great since 2006 Axl was exceptional. Look at the output of Slash and Duff at that time. The only thing that might have saved it would be Izzy's involvement, or if they ironically decided to become a NU-GNR cover band by taking advantage of the songs Buckethead wrote for them. Imagine Libertad with Axl vocals, and This I Love. Maybe add in Better since it
  11. That video is brilliant, because I can't tell if that guy is genuinely taking the piss out on Duff, or if he's just a regular poster on GNR forums.
  12. Axl plans to release a parody version called 'Don't Go Smelling My Fart'.
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