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  1. It was a joke; I wasn't being literal. I was making fun of people who do let their opinions get shaped by fat gingers like Trump and Axl.
  2. But he also doesn't vote, and he may have a 10 paragraph rationale for why he approves of vaccines, but doesn't get them himself. I guess actually to travel worldwide, he will probably have to get it. Hmmm...
  3. Inquiring minds want to know. Also, I need to know, so that it can shape my opinion. Axl is my Trump, except thinner.
  4. Can't you guys do one where he's young and thin? I'd like to reface young axl face on fat axl body. And vice versa- old axl face on young axl body.
  5. It's clear that Trump supports will cancel anyone who tries to talk about about their ginger. Just like Team Brazil and mygnr will cancel anyone who speaks ill about their ginger and the nu band. It's uncanny.
  6. That's pretty cool. Don't listen to these homeless portuguese-speaking darkies, they are so bitter because Axl got overweight, they hate everything now. It's part of the forum's gimmick. They make fat jokes about Axl 24/7 and are quite impressed with the same joke, over and over. Welcome to the forum. And although this particular spot may not be the place to post this, it doesnt really matter. Some of the very people in this thread who responded post off-topic shit all the time. Fuck 'em.
  7. Oh i see, you can't handle the political aspect. Nonetheless, what I said was true, despite your meth'ed out tangent from someone with a grade 10 education.
  8. You might think it's one of the dumbest threads ever, but it's true. Axle and Slash and Duff don't want to talk about Mickey mouse. Trump doesn't want to talk about how Stormy weather said he has a small misshapen penis and paid her for 2 minutes worth of sex. It's really the same thing- you are not allowed to talk about certain things in the Trump camp. Just like axles camp. How is that the dumbest thing ever? Or are you saying it's so obvious that it didn't need to be posted?
  9. It is very known you can't say certain things about Donald Trump or you will be cancelled. Similar, you can't say certain things about Team Brazil or Axl or you will be banned. Is this the same thing? Does Axl want reality manipulated just as much as Donnald J Trump?
  10. I thought mygnr banned his account or something.
  11. I still think Steven would keep Axl thin.
  12. Axl never moved so fluidly with the music as when he was live on stage with Popcorn. Brain might've brought back some nostalgia wrapped in advanceness, but Steven is still the OG. Steven could also keep Axl thin because Axl resents him and would be jealous of his thinness. There you have it. Bring back Adler.
  13. In another thread, someone disparaged this song. But I disagree, this is a great jam, loose, with offensive content, and some good riffing and solos from Slash.
  14. I thought tastes good don't it was a cover? The performance at Philadelphia is certainly worth watching though.
  15. I can't believe that shit was 5 years ago. I'm sorry but Axl did a good job.
  16. Remember when he killed that guy from Hanoi Rocks, and then didn't change his lifestyle at all?
  17. Is it because he's working for an Indiana redneck who owns him like, well, you know? How come he didn't put up a fight against one in a million? It's either because one in a million isn't racist, or because Slash is a pushover. How come Slash doesn't play up the black angle? He could make more money by doing so. Ultimately that's what he cares about. I love seeing him put zero effort into the concerts lately. You can tell he's dead on the inside, creatively.
  18. I like how slash only lifts weights with his arms. It makes his gut and moobs look smaller. Axl could learn a thing or two, ol twig arms.
  19. Wait a minute. This dude has banged hot Japanese women. Is he on some sort of drought? I coulda sworn he said he's gotten laid in recent times. But maybe not. If he needs our help, i'm willing to donate. Edit: I donated twenty dollars
  20. One time I was really fucked up listening to XM radio and locomotive came on and because I was so fucked up, I thought it was a new GNR song. It is the perfect example of what could have been, the blending of modernization of GNR sound and staying true to the bands rock and roll roots, as cheesy as that sounds. It's the sound of what nu g&r should have been.
  21. I thought Stoymatic's picture (when looking at the thumbnail from the forum view) was mickey mouse's head photoshopped on to the head of the robot from original AFD cover. It's not. Anyway, carry on.
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