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  1. Remember when he killed that guy from Hanoi Rocks, and then didn't change his lifestyle at all?
  2. Is it because he's working for an Indiana redneck who owns him like, well, you know? How come he didn't put up a fight against one in a million? It's either because one in a million isn't racist, or because Slash is a pushover. How come Slash doesn't play up the black angle? He could make more money by doing so. Ultimately that's what he cares about. I love seeing him put zero effort into the concerts lately. You can tell he's dead on the inside, creatively.
  3. I like how slash only lifts weights with his arms. It makes his gut and moobs look smaller. Axl could learn a thing or two, ol twig arms.
  4. Wait a minute. This dude has banged hot Japanese women. Is he on some sort of drought? I coulda sworn he said he's gotten laid in recent times. But maybe not. If he needs our help, i'm willing to donate. Edit: I donated twenty dollars
  5. One time I was really fucked up listening to XM radio and locomotive came on and because I was so fucked up, I thought it was a new GNR song. It is the perfect example of what could have been, the blending of modernization of GNR sound and staying true to the bands rock and roll roots, as cheesy as that sounds. It's the sound of what nu g&r should have been.
  6. I thought Stoymatic's picture (when looking at the thumbnail from the forum view) was mickey mouse's head photoshopped on to the head of the robot from original AFD cover. It's not. Anyway, carry on.
  7. Team Brazil has edited the Hosts file on all of Axl's computers so he can't get to it. They also did the equivalent on his phone.
  8. Or his true needs were freed by the alcohol. With his deepest darkest desires released, Slash begged to be let back in on the money train, something he had desperately been wanting ever since naming his child Cash.
  9. Did Slash come to Axl's house in the morning and ring the doorbell at the gate? The answer is yes, yes actually he did do that.
  10. DJ Ashba honestly plays with more feel than Slash nowadays. Kinda sad. I guess Slash is so depressed that he has been owned by Axl so hard, that he's given up on life and music. He just goes out there, poses for a few hours with his concealed gut and weird balding head with glued-in hair, and then goes home. DJ may suck, but at least he's into it.
  11. Hmmm... who are you BucketSlash? You're somebody. I just can't pinpoint who. I'm not insulting you or anything. Just tryin to zero in. Surely this is not your first account on this gnr forum, is it? Or any gnr forum, for that matter?
  12. Ah yes, the scientific method must be adhered to when analyzing the data points.
  13. Listened to part of a show (one of the ones on this page), but jesus christ, which dipshit is in the background knocking into his cheapo 10 dollar mic from Walmart? Seriously, whoever that is needs to press the fucking mute button judiciously. Good shit though, otherwise. Be Johnny on the Spot with the mute button if you got a cheap mic. I guess it was just for that portion I heard, near the middle. Again though- funny stuff otherwise.
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