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  1. Since Axl named himself after the show, and since the show has returned, and since Axl took inspiration from the show, can the show help Axl to make more music? He can eat food, watch dexter, and make new music.
  2. Maybe it's because of how we each perceive color, but to me, a lot of tattoos look dark dark green. Like, on black people I've noticed that tattoos are like this super dark shade of green in many cases. LeBron James being an example. But other players too. Maybe "dark green" is the wrong phrase. There are two ways that color can be created. In the case of a light-emitting source, it's pretty simple- it's the wavelength of the light. Easy peasy. In the case of color on a physical object, it's different. It has to do with the wavelengths the coloring agent reflects back or something. It's more like subtraction, whereas the aforemetioned light-emitting example is more like addition. Well anyway, maybe the way we perceive color has something to do with it. Ultimately, to me, it just looks like the tattoo got old. It looks like a lot of old tattoos that I've seen. I mean, at the very least, the dark green thing notwithstanding, does it just look like any of a million old tattoos that you've seen? Is this the gnrfnr version of the purple vs gold dress? lol
  3. Sometimes it's difficult to understand how a different culture can place such deeply profound meaning to a word or insult. You guys are spamming the word "gypsy" because you get a fiery response. You get a firey response because that word, in Ragnar's country and culture, is like saying "I'm going to fuck your dead mother's corpse and money shot her face." There's no equivalent word or phrase to accurately represent "gypsy" in Western European languages. Sure , the word itself exists there, but again, we're talking about how that word is processed and perceived in one specific country that a poster is from on this board. Sure, there are words that are equal on the surface, but it's not the same thing. You know who you guys would like? Volcano62. Fucking legend.
  4. What's funny is: some of the people running their mouth to Ragnar live in shit countries. I guess it makes them feel better about their narco-state, rainforest destroying, favela lifestyle.
  5. Um, tattoos turn dark green as they age. This is sometimes referred to as fading. But you can look at any old tattoo, and they turn dark dark green. That's what's happened here. There's no conspiracy theory.
  6. Aw, did you feel like I was talking to you in my post? Haha you sure got me good! What I find the most entertaining about this whole Ragnar thing is people like you who live in a shittier country than Ragnar trying to talk shit to him about his country. Gets me every time. But you are right- his posts are hilarious.
  7. Classic Skeeter. Defending Slash's honor against all the haterz. I couldn't help myself. At some point, it was just to see how much he'd freak out over a Slash topic.
  8. The thing is- there's only 12 notes in how Western music divides the octave. You're bound to have some overlap and people who come up with the same riff. I mean, when I listen to this, the notes and chords seem like obvious chunks of musical territory to play if you're trying to write a song in the 80s. There, see, I defended gravy tits.
  9. The need to self-stim before shows Compulsion to finish Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, The Secret of the Ooze, before a gig, making the band late Watching NBA playoff games before shows, making the band late Other pre-show shenanigans well documented that co-align with certain Asperger's symptomology The obsession with certain shows and movies beyond the point of normalcy Fixation on NBA, cheering for both teams in the finals Going to Lakers games after getting weird L.A. facial treatment (“You can’t take anything away from Shaq or Kobe, you just can’t.” Naming his cat Dexter Making his username Dexter on menopausal GnR fan forum Freaking out over certain things and walking off stage Not wanting his picture taken because it overstimulates him and caused him to attack the photographer in St. Louis Not wanting bottles of water given to him on stage Many other well documented meltdowns, just like autistic people Same Laser Hair Treatment as Tom Cruise Tom Cruise was in a movie with Dustin Hoffman, who played an autistic character Is it possible then, that Axl is autistic? Shame on Team Brazil for taking advantage of a November Rain Man.
  10. Ragnar certainly gives some of you people your raison d'etre.
  11. Sonofabitch that's a helluva description! I'm dyin to know who you're talkin aboot. Beautiful synopsis. Okay lemme guess: Gunner? Skeeter? Gunner and Skeeter? Ragnar? Morpheus? Broski? Braskisgme? (just kidding guys) Let's see, who else... MSL? Thomas Meadow? Miser? I'm stumped. Wait, me?? I just post shitty slash memes. Who could it be? Lay it on me.
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