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  1. Ever see Demolition Man? That's where we are heading. Generation Retard in control and everything in giant safe space. They'll look at 1989 and be like - "Huh?"
  2. A shit tonne of alternate solo #63 or drumbeat #127. Songs with vocals? Nah. Not buying it. Big Guns? Lol
  3. He did it as a mark of respect following the "death" of Miser
  4. The Trial of Vincent Miser A cross between Tommy and Joe's Garage
  5. You over the Rona buddy? 

    1. Bobbo


      Hey man, me and my girlfriend both tested negative. Was just a bad bug. All good now!

  6. I hear Axl is going to cover this, apparently an original song by none other than a relation of @GUNNER!
  7. By take care him Chiquita Santos
  8. Axl heard a version of Coldplay's Yellow and Elton John's Don't Go Breaking My Heart and is reworking some material
  9. Mutherfucker should start doing weddings and bar mitzvahs
  10. A Neil Diamond cover would be great. Something really shit. And Rod Stewart - Do Ya think I'm Sexy?
  11. Yellow. It's genius 🤣
  12. And the Duff backing vocals are fucking hilarious
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